Honors Program

Exploring Ideas in Community

The Honors Program is a select group of students who explore an exciting world of challenging ideas together. CSB and SJU Honors students pride themselves on their shared love of learning and they relish their exchanges of ideas and hard questions.  These exchanges go beyond the classroom walls to everyday life.

Hear from some of our current students:

Nicole Cornell

I find myself loving the depth of the courses and curiosity of my peers while at the same time having plenty of time and energy to experience all that college has to offer. More.

Haley Chatelaine

The Honors program is a chance for me to challenge myself intellectually and develop the skills necessary to become a contributing member of society who is curious about the world around her. More.

Nicholas Benson

I find the discussion and topics exhilarating, and the connections with other students and professors to be fun and beneficial. More.

Contact Us

Emily Esch
Director, Honors Program
Associate Professor, Philosophy
(320) 363-3288
Quad 362F

Mary Tamm
Coordinator, Honors Program
(320) 363-3549
Quad 451