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World War II Documents and Essays

Letter written by Ed to his parents.  It is primarily about the Kretchmer's rescue of P.O.W.s from Formosa, and it is a rather significant historical document . (7/3, Box 12:02)

A military citation given to Ed and the members of the Kretchmer for evacuating the P.O.W.s from Formosa.  (7/3, Box 8:02)

Ed's transcript from Harvard University's Navy Supply Corps training.  (7/2, Box 2:01)

A photo of the Kretchmer crew  (7/2, Box 2:04)

Ed's Naval Reserve appointment  (7/3, Box 8:02)

Certificate confirming Ed's appointment to the Navy Supply Corps (7/3, Box 8:02)

An essay written by Ed about his experiences in wartime London.  This is a very significant historical document.  (7/2, Box 2:05)

An essay entitled "July 1945 - Hawaii: A Rest Stop In War Time," that is about Ed's visit with a priest at a small Catholic church in Hawaii. (7/2, Box 2:05)

An essay about Ed's wartime experiences in Italy, particularly Naples.  (7/2, Box 2:06)

Two photographs, presumably of Ed in his Navy uniform at home in St. Cloud.   (7/3, Box 8:02)