Economics Department

The Department of Economics helps students understand economic behavior and how the economy creates wealth and contributes to well-being. Students can study international economies, economic development and growth, labor markets, industries and businesses, financial markets, monetary economics, public policy, environmental economics and other important topics.

Why study economics?  These students can tell you why.

Connor Griffin

I love the process of breaking down complex processes into models and applying those to real data, and economics allows me to use that method on a wide variety of issues.

Dan Flesher

You are able to use critical thinking skills combined with the knowledge of economics learned in class to analyze and explain what is happening in the real world today.

Nan Zhi

Understanding the basic principles of economics will help you to better understand the world around you.

Joe Gresback

Majoring in economics has helped me develop a variety of quantitative and problem-solving skills that I will be able to call upon throughout my college career and beyond.

Sophie Korman

Overview of Program

  • Graduates find success in their post-college academic and professional careers - including work in business, finance, government, public policy, law and academia.  For students interested in pursuing opportunities in management and finance, law and policy, international development, or graduate studies in economics go to the Academic and Career Advising section. 
  • A flexible program allows students to pursue other areas of academic interests as well as to participate in study abroad programs.
  • Eight full-time faculty members offering excellent advising and mentoring to students — both majors and minors.
  • An undergraduate research seminar and project helps students gain valuable skills in understanding economic problems and in preparing and presenting high quality research using careful analysis and quantitative tools.
  • An active intellectual life both on and off campus through the Clemens Lecture Series, departmental seminars and participation in conferences.
  • Engage faculty who love to teach.

Contact Us

Parker Wheatley
Department Chair
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Judy Eggert
Office Manager
College of Saint Benedict
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Sue Zimmer
Office Manager
Saint John's University
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