Computer Science Department

Problem solving is the core of what we do in computer science. Beginning with the hands-on laboratory sessions in the first three courses of the major, all the way through your senior research project, you will hone your problem solving skills. If you choose to study computer science at CSB/SJU, you will design and create models of how a computation could be done and you will often implement your model as a computer program. Along the way you will ask questions such as, "Can this be computed?" and reflecting the ethical traditions that CSB/SJU were founded on, "Should this be computed?".

A degree in computer science from CSB/SJU will prepare you well to begin a career in computing or to go on to graduate school, but it is also a good preparation for employent in business, law, medicine, and many other areas.

Program News
                                         2013 Programming Team

Meet Our Students

When Kelly Fermoyle first began looking at colleges, his sights were on the big universities. His interest in Saint John's University (SJU) sparked from a telephone call he received from SJU cross-country coach, Tim Miles. Read more.

Overview of Program

  • An emphasis on problem solving
  • Lab components in all of our introductory courses.
  • Students have many choices of electives (12 elective credits of the 52 required for a major)
  • A senior research project where students choose either to examine current developments in computing or to pursue a research topic of their choice.
  • Learn more about our program.