Meet the Bonners

Adia Zeman, Assistant Director of the XPD

Anna Scheel, Sophomore, CSB Campus Ministry

Aubrey Walter, Sophomore, Big Brothers Big Sisters

Avery Paulsen, First-year, MN Street Market

Cassidy Calcaterra, Junior, MN Street Market

Claire Olson, First-year, America Reads- Westwood

Connor Kockler, First-year, XPD- Service-Learning

Drew Wilds, Sophomore, Upward Bound

Faith Gronda, First-year, XPD- Community Kitchen

Fiamma Adarve, First-year, America Reads- Westwood

John Cerritelli, First-year, Episcopal House of Prayer

Kateri Heymans, Senior, Outdoor University

Kiara Westendorf, Junior, KRP

Korina Pekarek, First-year, America Reads- Discovery

Laura Precourt, Senior, MN Street Market

Lexi Radotich, Sophomore, America Reads- Westwood

Mackenzie Kuhl, Senior, XPD- Sr. Bonner Coordinator

Maddie Krumel, Senior, CSB Campus Ministry

McKenna Kirchberg, First-year, XPD- Service-Learning

Michael Syverud, Junior, Kennedy Kidstop

Molly Kiley, Sophomore, MN Street Market

Nathan Meyer, First-year, XPD- Service-Learning

Peter Johnson, Senior, XPD- Community Kitchen

Sam Black, Sophomore, XPD- Jr. Bonner Coordinator

Sara Goranowski, Senior, XPD- Community Kitchen

Amelia Barkley, Senior, Hynes Scholars

Molly McGrane, Senior, XPD- Marketing and Communications Team

Megan Noetzel, Senior, America Reads- Kennedy