Donor Advised Funds

The SJU Donor Advised Fund
A new and easy way to give to all your favorite causes

The SJU Donor Advised Fund (DAF) offers you a new way to streamline your charitable giving to both SJU and other causes and charities you hold dear.

Here’s how it works
You have a heart for giving, and we want to continue helping you to live the Benedictine values you learned during your time at SJU.
When you make a gift to your SJU Donor Advised Fund, you receive an immediate charitable tax deduction. Your gift is then invested and you can advise grants to SJU or other nonprofits of your choice at any time.

Think of it as your personal charitable checkbook.
How Donor Advised Giving Works

An SJU Donor Advised Fund might be right for you if…

• You wish to financially support SJU and other charities.
The SJU Donor Advised Fund has a minimum initial contribution of $10,000.
• You want to streamline tax time with a single annual charitable giving summary.
• You are looking for an efficient and convenient way to offset a “tax-event” (e.g., the sale of a business or property).
• You want to grow your charitable contributions tax-free over time to maximize your giving.
• You wish to establish a philanthropic plan for future generations.

Get started today
To learn more, simply contact us. Our staff is happy to answer questions and help you decide if the SJU Donor Advised Fund is right for you. There is no obligation to establish a fund.

An Overview of Saint John's Partners in Donor Advised Funds
Catholic Community Foundation of Minnesota (CCF): Managing more than $320 million in charitable assets and granting $14 million per year, CCF is the largest Catholic community foundation in the nation and the sixth largest public grantmaker in the state of Minnesota. You can learn more about CCF here.

CommunityGiving: CommunityGiving manages over $129 million in charitable assets and provides specialized philanthropic expertise to their nine affiliate foundations across Minnesota.  CommunityGiving’s mission is engage people, connect resources and build community. Last year CommunityGiving helped their donors grant out $8.4 million to organizations. You can learn more about CommunityGiving here.