Fall Semester

PIG: Prayer in the Garden

Come and join us as we tent outdoors, learn about the beauty and dignity of prayer and work, root ourselves in the Benedictine tradition, and live alongside radical community living & hospitality found in the Lake City Catholic Worker.

FYRE:  First-Year Retreat Experience

Join us for a weekend retreat for first-year students interested in growing in faith, making life-long friendships, and rooting oneself int he CSBSJU Community!

FYRE Leader Retreat

An overnight retreat opportunity for the leaders of the FYRE retreat to step away, faithfully reflect, grow in community, and plan the FYRE retreat.


Spring Semester

Come Alive

January 25, 2019

This free workshop is an awesome opportunity for Bennies and Johnnies to reflect on how to implement authenticity into your lives.

Silent Retreat

Join us for a chance to take a step away from the business of life and reflect on the Benedictine practice of listening with the Ear of our hearts while in silent meditation.


March 22 and 23, 2019

Junior and Senior Johnnies, join us for a retreat reflecting and discerning on your CSBSJU experience! Where has God played a role in your life here, what you do you still need to do before you leave, and what do your next steps in life look like?

Fourth Quarter Retreat