Upcoming Retreats

FYRE - October 28-30, 2018

FYRE (First Year Retreat Experience) is an annual retreat designed specifically for first-year students, focusing on spirituality and community-building.  Students spend the weekend off campus at Camp JIM (transportation is provided) to reflect, discuss their personal faith, and participate in a series of talks and activities.  The retreat will cover such topics as maintaining a faith life in the busy college setting, having a relationship with God, relying on God, and relating with one's peers. Learn more.

Prayer & Work Outdoors Retreat - TBD

The Prayer & Work Outdoor Retreat celebrates autumn in Collegeville and the Christian call to care for creation. Learn more.

Adulting 101 - TBD

"So, what are your plans after graduation?"  If this question makes you want to hide in a corner, then Adulting 101 is the retreat for you! Learn more.