Stone Weather Station

1st location, 1892-1913: turret atop St. John’s entrance, then on the east side of the Quad 
2nd location, 1913-1942: atop the science hall, now known as Simons Hall 
3rd location, 1942-1952: stone weather station north of that science building 
4th location, 1952-       : atop the root cellar north of the Liturgial Press 

Weather Station 1940

ca. 1940s 

Weather Station 1950

ca. 1950 

Weather Station 1952

ca. 1952 

Weather Station 1960

ca. 1960 

Originally, the weather station at Saint John’s was placed in the turret of the Quad, but was thought to be unfit as it sat atop a heated building and could not easily take precipitation measurements in the winter months. The observation instruments were then moved to the fourth floor of Simons Hall (formerly the science hall) once its construction was completed in 1913. In 1942, the instruments were moved to a stone building located north of Simons Hall. When Mary Hall was built in 1951, the weather station had to be moved once more; its new home became the top of the root cellar behind Emmaus Hall. 

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 Text Drafted by Claire Folkestad