After World War II, when many returning veterans headed to college on the GI bill®, St. John's didn't have enough dormitory space to accommodate them all.  Up until that time, most students lived in Benet Hall. 

According to The Record, the Federal Public Housing Association allotted five army barracks to SJU, which were sent to Collegeville from Camp Grant, Illinois in 1946.  Each of the five 100x20 foot barracks housed 80 students.  The barracks were placed in what was at the time a practice field for Prep athletics, north of the outdoor handball courts.  Later the handball courts were demolished to make room for Mary Hall. 

Sagatagan Barracks 1948 Sagatagan Barracks 1949 Sagatagan Barracks 1950

Barracks (left to right): 1948; 1949; 1950 (click thumbnails for larger images)

With Mary Hall under construction to house students by fall 1951, the barracks were moved and put to other uses.  Some were sold (in sections) and removed from campus altogether, to places like Avon and Big Fish Lake.  Others stayed on campus, and were used to form parts of buildings used by the Liturgical Press and Custodial Services, as shown below in this 1966 aerial photo: