SJU President’s Medal

SJU President's Medal

The president’s medal and citation are among the formal ways that the University has to recognize alumni, friends and associates. They are presented together or separately to recognize distinguished leadership, stewardship and service. While citations have been given for 60 years, the medal has been presented to the following individuals since it was commissioned in 1989.  Ade Bethune designed the medal based on the official Saint John’s seal. Both the medal and citation are given at the discretion of the University president, with input and recommendations from others in the community.  See also Presidential Citation Award

President’s Medal Recipients



2024 Jim Smith
2023 David Durenberger
2022 Doug Brinkley
Dale Launderville, OSB
Bishop Donald Kettler
Dick Adamson
2021 Axel Theimer
2019 Richard Bresnahan
2017 Jo White
2017 For their long-term involvement in the separate incorporation of SJU:
Abbot John Klassen, OSB
Dennis Beach, OSB
Benedict Leuthner, OSB
Robin Pierzina, OSB
Gordon Tavis, OSB
Dan Ward, OSB
Dick Adamson
Patti Epsky
Ann Huntrods
Tom Joyce
Dan Whalen
2015 Father Don Talafous, OSB
2014 CSB President MaryAnn Baenninger
CSB President Emerita Colman O’Connell, OSB
CSB President Emerita Emmanuel Renner, OSB
2007 President Akiko Shimada (Bunkyo Gakuin University)
2003 Father Thomas Thole, OSB
John Gagliardi
1994 Mr. Eugene McCarthy
1993 Dr. Julian Plante
1989 Dr. Richard Sauer