Sister Mary Anthony Wagner Award

This award is  named in honor of Sister Mary Anthony Wagner, OSB as a way of keeping her memory and momentous example alive. The Saint John’s School of Theology•Seminary presents this award to alumnae who have phophetically and courageously used their gifts and have supported and encouraged other women to develop their gifts for the benefit of the world.

The Sister Mary Anthony Award was established in 2005. Award recipients are nominated by their class or classmates.


Year Recipients
2019 Dr. Nancy Dallavalle ’83
2017 S. Marianne Supan, OP ’97
2012 Sr. Jean Marie Hiesberger
2006 Sr. Mary Frances Reis, VHM (Class of 1980)
2005 All Women Graduates of the Class 1963: Sr. Angelo Haspert, OSB; Sr. Auxilia King, OSB; Sr. Barbara Ann Schwab, OSB; Sr. Brian Spain, OSB; Sr. Jeanne Giese, OSB; Sr. Cordelia Lange, OSB; Sr. Dona Marie Degnan, OSB; Sr. Dolores Dowling, OSB; Sr. Ernestine Johann, OSB; Sr. Gertrude Whalton, OSB; Sr. Lucille Hubmann, OSB; Sr. Mary Alice Schnur, OSB; Sr. Mary Jean Tuttle, OSB; Sr. Martha Feder, OSB; Sr. Mary Paula Thompson, OSB; Sr. Mary Rosalita Jones, OSB; Sr. Mary Sharon Hoehn, OSB; Sr. Maureen Truland, OSB; Sr. Rose Althoff, OSB