Rectors of the Saint John’s Seminary

Athanasius Meyer, OSB 1898-1899
Bernard Kevenhoerster, OSB 1899-1907
Alcuin Deustch, OSB 1907-1909
Severin Gertken, OSB 1909-1922
Odilo Kohler, OSB 1922-1928
Basil Stegmann, OSB 1928-1929
Ulric Beste, OSB 1929-1939
Gregory Roettger, OSB 1939-1950
Rt. Rev. Msgr. William A. Renner 1950-1963
Fr. Harold Dimmerling 1963-1969
John Eidenschenk, OSB 1969-1971
Alfred Deutsch, OSB 1971-1977
Kieran Nolan, OSB 1977-1980
William Skudlarek, OSB 1980-1984
Fr. Mark Willenbring 1984-1988
Kevin Seasoltz, OSB 1988-1992
Timothy Kelly, OSB July-November, 1992
Dale Launderville, OSB December, 1992-August, 1997
Robert Pierson, OSB August, 1997-June, 1999
Luke Steiner, OSB August, 1999-2001
Abbot John Klassen, OSB 2002-2007
Michael Patella, OSB 2007-

From 1949 until 1988, the seminary was under the jurisdiction of the bishop of the St. Cloud Diocese. See the Summer 1988 SJU Alumni Magazine article (p. 11):

  “In conjunction with the appointment of a new Rector, Bishop Hanus and Abbot Jerome announced revision of the 1949 agreement between the Diocese of St. Cloud and Saint John’s Abbey concerning the seminary. For 38 years the diocese has owned and managed the seminary building and provided personnel for the seminary program. Under the new arrangement the diocese will continue to assist in staffing the seminary, but will transfer ownership of St. Cloud Hall [now Emmaus Hall], the seminary building, to Saint John’s. The seminary program will continue under the auspices of the Abbey and the University.”