Programs and Fellowships

A competitive, year-long mentored research experience for first year students who are underrepresented in their area of study or traditionally underrepresented at institutions of higher education. UR-Level: Faculty-Driven

Each summer, CSB and SJU welcomes 60+ students to participate in our on-campus summer research community! OURS sponsors 13 faculty-student teams to complete a 10-week project through our unique Collaborative Grant. OURS also supports students doing departmental sponsored research through resources, events, and professional development opportunities. UR-Level: Faculty Driven or Collaboration

We administer a highly structured, yearlong experiential learning and research program for CSB and SJU pre-professional health students at the Emergency Department of St. Cloud Hospital. UR-Level: Collaboration

Our program administers this unparalleled opportunity for selected undergraduate students to research specific projects submitted by Mayo Clinic professionals or Medical Start-Up Companies in Minnesota. UR-Level: Collaboration

The Office of Undergraduate Research & Scholars is pleased to offer the Research Fellowships in Ethics, a summer research experience for SJU students interested in exploring ethics in relation to business, entrepreneurship, or other professional settings. UR-Level: Student-Driven

The CSB and SJU Distinguished Thesis is a three semester long independent research or creative work project on a subject of your own choosing. Students work under the direction of a thesis committee, composed of a primary advisor who is the expert in the area of research and two readers who have peripheral expertise. For many students, the pursuit of the Distinguished Thesis is the highlight of their academic career. UR-Level: student-driven

In an effort to make research and creative work more accessible, OURS offers a diverse portfolio of opportunities to engage with based on your skill and comfort-level! If you are new to research, consider “faculty-driven” opportunities. If you are ready to take on your own research project, please explore our “student-driven” options. If you are somewhere in the middle, “collaboration” is for you! 

Undergraduate Research and Creative Work: