Data Analytics Curriculum

The Data Analytics (DATA) minor, rooted in the liberal arts and interdisciplinary in nature, provides opportunities for students to discover new knowledge and explore problems through the ethical acquisition and analysis of data. Data Analytics provides students with the opportunity to acquire the tools of data visualization, statistical analysis, and programming and to use those tools to answer meaningful questions related to problems and topics in a wide variety of fields. Depending on the student, data analytics will allow students to think of ways to shape policy, direct business, manage finance, understand health outcomes, assess biological and ecological systems, and even understand language and history. Upon completing the Data Analytics minor:

  • Our students will be able to ask meaningful questions of data relevant to their primary disciplinary interest.
  • Our students will prioritize the ethics of the collection, communication, and curation of the data they analyze.
  • Our students will effectively visualize and analyze data and communicate their findings persuasively.

Our students will be prepared to take the questions, ethics, and tools they acquire in this program to their future careers and academic studies.

Quick Facts

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Course Number Course Title Credits
DATA 162 Data Analysis and Visualization 2 Credits
DATA 271 INDEPT STUDY 1-4 Credits
DATA 272 Intermediate Data Analysis and Visualization 2 Credits
DATA 371 INDEPT STUDY 1-4 Credits