Admission & Financial Aid

Banner Web Self Service

Banner Web Self Service is where you will find information on:
  • Financial Aid/Student Employment – Information on applying for loans and on-campus employment will be emailed in June to students who were awarded student employment or a federal student loan.
  • Student Account Information – Tuition billing statements are sent by email only. You will receive your Fall Semester eBilling notification after July 15. Watch for an email explaining how to:
    • Access your student account information
    • Make payments
    • Add other users (such as your parents) to your account
  • Student Schedule of Classes – available after July 15.
  • Residential Housing information – sent by July 15.
Instructions for Signing on to Banner Web Self Service

Download and print these instructions.

To access Banner, you must first set up  your CSB+SJU email cccount.:

  • U.S. students for Fall Semester receive the email account information in the Forms Portal email we begin sending in February. Allow up to seven days after you submit your enrollment deposit to receive the Forms Portal email.
  • International students are sent the email account information after submission of the $500 enrollment deposit.

To log in to Banner:

  1. Go to the CSB+SJU Tools page at and click Banner Self-Service.
  2. For CSB Students: click Enter Secure Area (CSB Students).
  3. For SJU Students: click Enter Secure Area (SJU Students).
  4. In the Network Username box, type in your username (username is the first part of the email address - [email protected])
  5. Click Login.
  6. Select one of the listed menus:
    • Personal Information
    • Student Services
    • Financial Aid