Your CSB/SJU Email Account

Your campus email account is the colleges' official way of communicating with you. Over the course of the summer, you will receive updates on important topics such as registration, housing, eBilling, etc. Once classes begin, CSB/SJU will use this tool to communicate with you regarding class cancellations and delays, emergency announcements and other official updates.

Accessing Your CSB/SJU Email Account

1. Go to the login page at  You can also access your email via the CSB/SJU home page by clicking Tools (located in upper-right corner of the page) and then clicking on Email in the dropdown.

2. In the Email Address box, type your CSB/SJU email address.

3. In the Password box, type your network password. The password is case sensitive, so type carefully.

4. Click the Sign In button.

Note: Once logged on, you can access other Office 365 applications by clicking the  icon located in the upper-left corner of the page.