Special Collections

Commissions and Editions

In addition to pottery made for everyday use, the studio has special collections available for purchase. The Saint John's Pottery also provides gift cards, registries, and commissions. Please note that collaborative commissions are subject to entended timelines as part of the handmade nature of the work and the seasonal cycle of the studio. 

Additional special ceramic collections include: ceremonial tea implements and mukozuke tea meal ware; architectural tile and clay wall materials; commemorative wedding, anniversary, and retirement pieces; liturgical chalices, ciboriums, and baptismal fonts; and funerary urns, canisters, and jars.

In many Japanese ceramic traditions, important pieces such as ceremonial tea bowls are packaged in special wrapping cloths and presented in handmade wooden boxes. These boxes may have additional signatures, stamps, and seals which add to the provenance of the piece. For more information, please contact The Saint John's Pottery.