Integrations Curriculum Information

Through the Integrations Curriculum, you’ll learn how to make connections between your academic coursework, your campus life experiences and your own life and the world around you. Integrated learning – the ability to see relationships among the arts, the sciences and the humanities – is a valuable, real-life skill that makes CSB/SJU graduates highly sought-after by employers and the nation’s top graduate programs.

The Integrations Curriculum is yours. You will get an education that builds on the skills and experiences you bring with you to CSB/SJU while exposing you to new topics, new perspectives and career possibilities you may not even know exist. You’ll have a top-tier academic experience and be prepared for a rapidly changing world.

FOUNDATIONAL COURSES (Courses will NOT carry engagements, QR, or Way of Thinking.)

  • College Success (INTG 105): Must be completed in the first year
  • Learning Foundations (INTG 100): Must be completed in the first year.
  • Learning Explorations: 2 credits (Required if Learning Foundations is not completed at CSB/SJU)
  • Cultural and Social Difference: Identity (CSD 100 OR CI designation)
    Must be completed in the first year, can be taught in any department, and can count towards majors. May be 100 or 200 level.
  • Theological Explorations (THEO 100): Course must be completed in the first 3 semesters.


  • Ways of Thinking: 5 courses
    Students will take 5 different Way of Thinking courses (4 credits in each Way of Thinking). Students cannot count more than 2 different Ways of Thinking in any 1 department or program. One course may carry 2 Ways of Thinking if the course is co-taught by 2 different instructors who applied for the course to carry 2 Ways of Thinking.
    • Abstract Structures (AS designation)
    • Artistic Expression (AE designation)
    • Human Experience (HE designation)
    • Natural World (NW designation)
    • Social World (SW designation)
  • Themes: 3 courses in either Justice, Movement, or Truth
    Student must have 3 different Way of Thinking courses in the same theme. One course in the theme must be Thematic Focus and the other two in Thematic Encounters.
    • Thematic Focus: 1 course
      • 200 or 300 level, typically a sophomore level course
      • Prerequisites: Foundational course requirements completed
    • Thematic Encounters: 2 courses
      • One of the two courses must be at the 300 level.


  • Theological Integrations (TI designation)
    Course may carry engagements. Prerequisite: Theological Explorations
  • Cultural and Social Difference: Systems (CSD 300)
    Course may carry engagements. Prerequisite: Cultural and Social Difference: Identity
  • Learning Integrations
    To be completed senior year. Prerequisite: All IC requirements completed or in progress.


  • Successful completion of intermediate level (211) language or proficiency examination.


  • Quantitative Reasoning (QR designation): Attached to an existing course
  • Engagement Requirements (AR, EX, GL designations)
  • Students will upload specific artifacts at the conclusion of each IC course to their e-Portfolio


  • 124 Total Credits
  • 40 Upper-Division Credits
  • 2.00 GPA (both cum and major)

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