CSB, SJU and OSB employees honored at year-end recognition event

Campus & Community

May 21, 2024

A combined employee recognition luncheon was held in May to honor faculty, administrative and support staff from the College of Saint Benedict, Saint John's University and the Order of Saint Benedict.

Individuals were recognized for faculty and staff years of service and staff retirements.

Staff Retirements

Faculty retirements were recognized during a separate event.

Debra Baggenstoss, Admissions

Lynnell Barthel, Abbey Retirement Center

Pam Broughton, SJU Culinary Services

Michael Connolly, Student Development

Beverly Ehresmann, Access Services Assoc-Circulation

Vicki Ganley, Financial Aid

Karen Geislinger, CSB Culinary Services

Tim Miles, SJU Athletics

Liz Owens, Liturgical Press

Stuart Perry, Financial Aid

Heidi Ruprecht, Marketing and Communications

Elisa Schneider, Collegeville Institute

Judy Shank, Clemens Chair

Jean Stottlemyer, Saint John's Physical Plant

Jeanne Terres, Academic Advising


Years of Service

Five Years

Simona Altenburg, Sexton Commons Dining

Brandon Anderson, Saint John's Prep

Scott Campbell, Music

Stacy Capes, SJU Business Office

Cynthia Cashman, CSB Institutional Advancement

Ayan Danan, SJU Culinary Services

Victoria Derr, CSB Culinary Services

Deedra Deuhs, SJU Custodial Services

Julie Fisk, Global Business Leadership

Amy Fistler, Collegeville Institute

Karlyn Forner, Academic Affairs

Sharon Froehling, Liturgical Press

Garrett Goetz, SJU Athletics

Rachel Hassler, CSB Athletics

Emmy Hauck Jacobs, Life Safety Services

Daniel Hudson, Library

Austin Jacobs, Life Safety Services

Tony Kapinos, IT Services

Jenna Kollar, SJU Custodial Services

Annie Larson, Library

Tammy Luethmers, SJU Custodial Services

Donald Marty, Liturgical Press

Jennifer Meagher, Education

Lisa Miller, CSB Alumnae Relations

Joshua Mugler, Hill Museum & Manuscript Library

Christopher Oveson. Life Safety Services

Frank Rajkowski, Marketing and Communications

Jessica Rausch , Bookstore

Treff Richert, CSB Grounds

Connie Roberts, SJU Culinary Services

Dale Sager, CSB Athletics

Matthew Salo, CSB Transportation

Catherine Sand, SJU Culinary Services

Nichoal Schwirtz, CSB Culinary Services

Daniel Smith, Pottery Studio

Angie Steffens, Liturgical Press

Wanda Steinemann, SJU Custodial Services

Ashley Thell, CSB Athletics

Aaron Voth, Student Activities/Leadership

Stephen Woods, Saint John's Prep


10 Years

Ellen Block, Sociology

Catherine Bohn-Gettler, Education

Allan Dingman, CSB Transportation

Jeff DuBois, Languages/Cultures

Troy Fritz, SJU Institutional Advancement

Daniel Gullo, Hill Museum & Manuscript Library

Kole Heckendorf, SJU Athletics

Emily Heying, Nutrition

Steven Jesh, SJU Culinary Services

Val Jones, CSB Alumnae Relations

Nikki Laudenbach, Nursing

Becky Lundgren, Marketing and Communications

Kevin Middendorf, SJU Culinary Services

Sarah Murnane , Admission

Erik Nichols, CSB Culinary Services

Jill Pauly, Saint John's Prep

Ben Peterson, Saint John's Physical Plant

Debbie Plantenberg, CSB Transportation

Donelle Poling, School of Theology and Seminary

Tammy Rademacher, Life Safety Services

Annette Raigoza, Chemistry

Cheryl Rasmussen, CSB Culinary Services

Justin Rost, SJU Athletics

Matthew Sand, SJU Culinary Services

Jason Schlude, Languages/Cultures

Joe Storlien, Environmental Studies

Erin Utke, IT Services

Justin Zanchuk, Music


15 Years

John Adix, Counseling

Jodi Berndt, Nursing

Brian Eisenschenk, Liturgical Press

Kelly Fitch, Saint John's Prep

Jennifer Hylla, CSB Duplicating

Tammy Huston, Saint John's Physical Plant

Troy Knight, Environmental Studies

Jennifer Kutter, Saint John's Outdoor University

Stacy Penk, Library

Alicia Peterson, Chemistry

Joy Ruis, Center for Global Education

Doug Schueller, SJU Athletics

Julie Sorteberg, Bookstore

Joan Stangler, SJU Custodial Services

Martie Thomes, SJU Culinary Services

Bryce Welle, Sexton Commons Dining

Sharon Wenner, Academic Advising


20 Years

Jon Armajani, Theology

Fr. Timothy Backous, OSB, SJU Residential Life/Housing

Brad Bechtold, CSB Security

Boz Bostrom, Accounting & Finance

Kari-Shane Davis Zimmerman, Theology

Janelle Hinchley, Gender Studies

Russ Kilanowski, Saint John's Physical Plant

Marianne Koenig, CSB Culinary Services

Ryan Kutter, Abbey Woodworking & Organ Builders

Gail Schneider, Natural Science Department

Jennifer Schwichtenberg, Languages/Cultures

Julie Strelow, Nursing

Tim Ternes, Hill Museum & Manuscript Library

Wayne Torborg, Hill Museum & Manuscript Library

Carmen Welinski, CSB Culinary Services


25 Years

Mathew Callahan, English

Bruce Campbell, Hispanic Studies

Eileen Daniels, SJU Culinary Services

Robert Ellenbecker, Saint John's Prep

Kris Fremo, Saint John's Prep

Jon McGee, Saint John's Prep

Ganard Orionzi, Environmental Health and Safety

Christine Sales , Bookstore

Martha Schmitz, CSB Culinary Services

Lynn Schultz, Physics

Jane Schulzetenberg, CSB Custodial Maintenance

Corey Shouse, Hispanic Studies

Linda Tennison, Psychology

Jeanne Terres, Academic Advising

Joseph Vardas, SJU Athletics

Adam Wicklund, IT Services

Jeff Wubbels, SJU Culinary Services


30 Years

Patricia Bolanos-Fabres, Gender Studies

Gordon Brown, Biology

Terence Check, Communication

Fr. Ian Dommer, OSB, SJU Residential Life/Housing

James Gramke, IT Services

Gerard Huhne, Saint John's Physical Plant

Nicole Joos, IT Services

Jason Kelly, Academic Advising

Mary Jo Leighton, Education

Fr. Luke Mancuso, OSB, English

Paul Marsnik, Global Business Leadership

Lance Nydeen, Saint John's Prep

Todd Vierzba, Life Safety Services


35 Years

Norma Koetter, History

Madhuchhanda Mitra, English

Don Renshaw Jr., Library

Ralph Shay, SJU Custodial Services

Mark Shimota, Academic Advising

Mary Jo Waggoner, Academic Affairs


40 Years

Jill Ficker, Liturgical Press


55 Years

Fr. Eric  Hollas, OSB, SJU Institutional Advancement

Ann Sand, Abbey Retirement Center

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A total of 153 OSB, CSB and SJU employees were honored for an astounding 2,584 years of service.