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Brittany Merritt Nash

Academic Interests:

British Empire, Africa and the Caribbean, imperialism and decolonization, resistance movements, history of medicine and global health.


My research focuses on the ways in which people across the African diaspora challenged the late British Empire, and how colonial medicine was used as a “tool of empire” to pacify resistance to imperialism.

Courses Taught:
  • HIST 142B: Europe since 1750
  • HIST 180: Sex, Race, and Medicine
  • HIST 278: Sex, Murder, and Empire: Britain
  • HIST 279E: Global Health, Culture, and Inequality
  • HIST 295F: Avengers: The Haitian Revolution
  • HIST 305: Medicine, Empire, and Global Health
  • HIST 328: Missionaries and Empire in Africa
  • HIST 329: Guns, Gold, and Slaves: Africa and the British Empire
  • HONR 360A: Community Histories

“Insecurities of Empire: Struggles over Health Reform in Interwar Barbados,”  Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History 18:3 (Winter 2017)

“‘Making His Way to the Heart of India’: British Missionaries, Indian Nationalism, and Religious Belonging in Post World War I India.”  British Scholar 3:1 (September 2010)

  • Education

    Ph.d., University of South Florida
    M.A., University of South Florida
    B.A., University of Central Florida