The CSB Security Department is here to serve the campus and monastery communities. Every member of the community can help us make these campuses safer by understanding and using best practices for safety and security.

If you receive harassing phone calls:

If you live, study or work on campus, take precautions to protect yourself, others and campus property from smoke and fire. Fires on campus can start in many different ways. Hazards include:

WARNING: Fire equipment in residence halls is a necessity. It protects life and property. Tampering with fire alarms, extinguishers, smoke/heat detectors, standpipes, pull stations, hoses, exit signs, or fire doors seriously endangers that protection. Damaging or manipulating such equipment would subject you to college disciplinary sanctions. It is also a misdemeanor punishable by fines of up to $700. Individuals found guilty of first-degree arson are subject to a fine of $20,000 and/or 20 years in prison.

Treat all alarms as though they are real. Even if you don’t see anything, you never know if there is trouble elsewhere in the building.

If you have questions regarding your health as related to alcohol use, please contact the CSB Health Advocates at 320-363-5753 or the Health Educator at 320-363-5653, or contact Counseling Services at CSB at 320-363-5605 (ext. 3791 at SJU).

Typically, students are responsible about alcohol use and problems do not develop. But if an “alcohol-related emergency” does occur, it’s important to know how to respond.

If you are uncertain if a medical emergency exists, contact CSB Security right away for a medical assessment at 320-363-5000.

Contact CSB Security right away for a assistance at 320-363-5000.

The use, sale, possession or facilitation of the use or sale of any illegal drug(s) could result in arrest by the St. Joseph Police Department or other law enforcement agency and/or referral to the College Judicial Board for discipline or dismissal.

The College of Saint Benedict has a special obligation to take action in cases in which a student’s illegal activities impinge on the rights of others. All students have the right to pursue an education in an environment conducive to the educational process.

At the same time, we do not want to punish people for the sake of punishment; we would prefer to work with students to create an atmosphere on campus that is mature, responsible and safe. If you feel you have a problem involving drugs and need help with it, please do not hesitate to consult any of us about it: your resident assistant, your residence director, the dean of students, counseling services, health educators, health advocates, campus ministry or Campus Security.

If you feel another student is at risk medically or academically because of substance abuse, please consider the possibility that you could be doing her or him a favor by discussing it with them or one of us before a small problem becomes a big one.

For additional information about health risks of various recreational drugs, contact the health advocates at 320-363-5753 or a health educator at 320-363-5653.

In August 2023, recreational marijuana became legal in Minnesota. However, the federal law has not changed. Marijuana remains classified as a Schedule I drug. As a result, regardless of state and local law changes, institutions of higher education are expected to continue to abide by the Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Act (Edgar Part 86) by maintaining policies that prohibit marijuana possession, use or distribution by students, staff and faculty while on the Campuses. Therefore, marijuana in all its forms, and paraphernalia that contains marijuana residue, remains illegal on the CSB and SJU campuses.

Students who are documented for using, possessing, growing, selling or distributing marijuana, or possessing paraphernalia containing marijuana residue on CSB or SJU property may be found responsible for a violation of the CSB and SJU Drug Policy and sanctioned accordingly. The CSB and SJU Drug Policy can be found in the Bennie Book and the J-Book under Student Life Policies. Similarly, employees will be held accountable for alleged violations in accordance with the procedures in their employee handbook. If you choose to use marijuana products off campus, please familiarize yourself with the law to avoid legal consequences:

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