Experience the exceptional living at Brian Hall, home to approximately 120 residents, primarily sophomore students. Enjoy the convenience of a well-equipped laundry room and kitchen on the lower level. Choose from cozy singles and doubles, including some with private bathrooms. Every room is carpeted and features a sink for added comfort. Our floor plans offer a general idea of the room layouts, though each space may vary slightly due to unique building structures. With its welcoming community and top-tier amenities, Brian Hall is the perfect place to continue your college journey.

Quick Facts:


10′ x 12′

Brian hall single floor paln


16′ x 13′

Brian hall double floor plan

*All dimensions are approximate as rooms vary slightly throughout halls and some rooms are odd shaped. Dimensions include closets and built ins.

   Single  Single w/
Bathroom YES 
Bed Loft PermittedYESYESYES
Bedroom Sink YES YES YES 
Living Room Furniture    

Where bed lofts are indicated, they may be rented through a CSB certified vendor, Collegiate Marketing. Rates and specific information may be obtained by visiting www.bedloft.com or calling them at 1-866-651-LOFT. No other lofts may be used in any room. Please note – some of the Lottie Suites have a loft included as part of the furnishings of the room due to room dimensions and layout.  Please contact the Residential Life Office if you have any questions regarding suites and lofts in Lottie Hall.

Room Amenities:

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