Resident’s Rights and Responsibilities

The College believes that there are rights and responsibilities for every woman who shares a living space on campus. Every woman has a responsibility to herself and her community to read, understand, and uphold these standards.

Each person is vital in determining the type of community that will develop in her living area. Thus, the quality of the campus living experience will, in large part, depends on what each woman is willing to contribute. It is each resident’s responsibility to be willing to talk with another person about behaviors which make her uncomfortable.

Students Rights

  1. The right to read and study free from undue interference in one’s room.  Unreasonable noise and other distractions inhibit the exercise of this right.
  2. The right to sleep without undue disturbance from noise and distractions.
  3. The right to expect that roommates will respect each others personal belongings.
  4. The right to a clean environment in which to live.
  5. The right of free access to one’s room and facilities without pressure from a roommate.
  6. The right to personal privacy.
  7. The right to host guests with the expectation that guests are to respect the rights of roommates and other residents.
  8. The right to address grievances.  The Residential Life staff is available for consultation in settling conflicts.
  9. The right to be free of fear of intimidation, physical and/or emotional harm.
  10. The right to expect reasonable cooperation in the use and sharing of common items in the community and within the room.

Student’s Responsibilities

  1. To adhere to rules and regulations.
  2. To comply with reasonable requests made by the Residential Life staff and other college officials.
  3. To monitor and accept responsibility for behavior of guests.
  4. To report violations of rules and regulations to appropriate staff.
  5. To respect the rights of others.
  6. To promote freedom of expression both individually and by association with groups.
  7. To contribute positively to the community by participating in activities, events, and programs.

Principles and Practices

The Residential Life staff is committed to providing a community-based living environment that enhances and supports the educational experience of students.  We use the following principles and practices to guide our work:

  1. We respect the dignity and wonder of each student as a unique individual — each with special gifts, talents, and limitations.
  2. We value women: their perspectives, needs, wants, ways of knowing, and ways of leading.
  3. We support students in their task of developing self-identity, and we assist them in developing personal goals.
  4. We celebrate the importance of community, and we provide an environment that is supportive and challenging.  We acknowledge the interrelatedness of persons in the community.
  5. We understand that balancing the needs of individuals, community rights, and privileges are a worthy undertaking and journey.
  6. We prize leadership that is value based, integrated and service oriented.
  7. We are conscientious stewards of our resources and we try to provide a safe and clean environment to our own community and to the world around us.
  8. We view our work in this community as ministry.  We are called to live among students and work with individuals as we continue our own personal and professional development.