Documents on the History of CSB and SJU Cooperation

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Cooperation with SJU and 1962-1972 Documents (list)

One Co-Operative Venture: The CSB/SJU Academic Exchange Program by Firmin Escher, O.S.B., 1967

Mayhew Report – Supported by a grant from the Louis W. and Maud Hill Family Foundation, July 1968

Saint Ben’s and Saint John’s: “Why Should We Travel Together?” by Dr. Stanely J. Idzerda. Saint Benedict’s, vol. 35, no. 1, Fall (November) 1969, p. 8-11. 

Marriott Agreement by Sister Firmin Escher, O.S.B., 1973

An Interinstitutional Cooperative Higher Education Program of Two Benedictine Institutions, 1962-1980 by Firmin Escher, OSB, 1981. (Sometimes referred to by the acronym “ICHEP”)

The Presidents’ Report on Cooperation, by Emmanuel Renner, OSB and Michael Blecker, OSB, 1981

An Evolving Model for Higher Education (also known as An Evolving Third Model), by Linda Kulzer, OSB, 1982

See also Cooperation with SJU.