Table of Contents for Surfaced

Surfaced is a literary publication produced by the CSB/SJU Pseudonym Club, beginning in 2007.

SPRING 2007, vol. I

Cover (photo) by Jonathan Howard, p.1
Deployment October 4, 2005 by Stephanie Lahr, p.1
Sweet Tea Speak to Me by Andrew Madson, p.1
Untitled by Vanessa Yeager, p.2
Hangnail (photo) by Kelli O’Keefe, p.2
You by Christine Westrum, p.2
Life by Eli de Leon, p.2
Irascibility by Laura Schwartz, p.3
Fantasy Lost by Michael Keegan, p.3
Snowy Day by Cory Shay, p.3
Summer ’06 (photo) by Cassandra Price, p.3
Jon Howard The Traveler by Jonathan Howard, p.4
Photos by Jonathan Howard, p.4 & 5
Self-Esteem Is Overrated by Amy Marschall, p.5
Untitled by Laura Adams, p.5
The Only Woman in the World for Me by Bret Callinan, p.6
Untitled by Ernest Vang, p.6
Inlet (photo) by Christine Westrum, p.6
Fall by Eli de Leon, p.7
Native American Ride (sketch) by John Smith, p.7
Pan of SJU Woods (photo) by Breanna Auringer, p.7
Boy in Plaza (photo) by Breanna Auringer, p.8
Shadow Lake (photo) by John Benson, p.8
In These Letters 1943-1945 by Stephanie Lahr, p.8
We Stole Liquor from a Dying Monk by Andrew Madson, p.8
All the Right Things by Kalene Morris, p.9
Pan of Lake Sag (photo) by Breanna Auringer, p.9
Revising Otherwise (for Jane Kenyon) by Jolene Brink, p.10
Courtyard Caf Insight by Jessica Kotek, p.10
Spanish Street (photo) by Breanna Auringer, p.10
because – 13 march 2007 by Jessie Johnson, p.11
Spiral Pole (photo) by Christine Westrum, p.11

SPRING 2008, vol. II

Batman (photo) by Mike Lenczewski, p.2
God’s Canvas by Will Tice, p.3
Monkey bar Playground Blues by Richelle Caya, p.3
History (photo) by Morley Spencer, p.4
civilized therefore america by Aaron Hanson, p.4
The Curse of the Unknown Sticky by Kyle Ellingson, p.5
Two faces towards one by Morley Spencer, p.8
How to Write Poetry by Jolene Brink, p.9
liberation by Jessie Johnson, p.10
Peace Poem by Lindsay Wimmer, p.11
Discrimination is Okay! by Bri Sharkey, p.11
A Poem for Maria by F.M. Soukup, p.14
New colors by Jerver De Leon, p.15
27 May 2007 by Marie DeMars, p.16
Nausikanary by Miles Johnson, p.18
Ancient Ones by Jeremy Schwager, p.20

SPRING 2009, vol. III

Xanadu by Brianna Ricci, p.3
Cariate by Miles Johnson, p.3
The Gas Crisis by Matthew Palmquist, p.5
Untitled (photo) by Emily Bina, p.6
International Travel (photo) by Michael Radtke, p.6
They Say by Bethany Waletko, p.7
To Do by Megan Koltes, p.8
Road Trip by Carrie Rogers, p.9
The Rim (photo) by Brita Thielen, p.10
Prairie Onion (photo) by Stephanie Blanda, p.10
Untitled (photo) by Brian Weyer, p.10
Conversations with an Onion by Megan Koltes, p.11
Treetop Wishes by Laura Maguire, p.12
Life by Stephanie Blanda, p.13
The Angel’s Voice by Anna Wigtil, p.13
Master/Slave by Paul Cheesebrow, p.14
Musical Chairs by Carrie Rogers, p.15
Inheritance by Laura Maguire, p.15
Home by Catherine Jensen, p.15
Balloons in the Morning/Fascination (photo) by Emily Persichetti, p.16
Boxes (photo) by Emily Jonas, p.16
Once Upon a Fashionable Pair of Footwear by Brita Thielen, p.17
Few minutes from now by Shafak A.M. Samsheer, p.17
Simply Remember by Pa Nhia Lee, p.18
Shades of a Swirling Same by Amy Vogel, p.19
Shades of Sad (photo) by Kathleen O’Laughlin, p.20
City Stars (photo) by Catherine Jensen, p.20
The Boot-Print by Brianna Ricci, p.21
Voice of Israfel by Carrie Rogers, p.21

SPRING 2010, vol. IV

Cover (photo) by Catherine Jensen
by Kelsey Koch, p.3
Sunset at Sand Hill Lake (photo) by Anna Wigtil, p.3
Clouds by Nick Hansen, p.5
Hobo (art) by Kathleen O’Laughlin, p.5
Nails by Ana Baumgartner, p.6
Dear Niam (Mom) by Kia Lor, p.8
Handbags and Hallways by Jake Lesnau, p.9
Spalted Maple 2 (art) by Michael Radtke, p.9
Chocolate Kisses by Jackie Tulloch, p.10
Untitled (photo) by Joan Van Grinsven, p.12
Sweet as Caramel by Katherine Boehm, p.13
Rhythmic Change by Nakita Poon Kong, p.13
Footprints by Allison Reinsvold, p.13
Windmills (photo) by Robert Doss, p.13
Sea Glass by Brita Thielen, p.14
Post-Its by Nikki Werner, p.15
Lazy (photo) by Angela Tate, p.15
Remembering the Machine by Kyle Ellingson, p.16
New by Catherine Jensen, p.17
Sunburst (photo) by Emily Jonas, p.17
This I Believe by Steven Posthumus, p.18
“Am I dizzy…” by Shannon Preston, p.18

SPRING 2011, vol. V

Cover (photo) by Pa Nhia Lee
Childhood Memory Poem by Hawo Ali, p.4
Fluorescent Flower (photo) by Lauren Furmanski, p.5
Love Letter by Shannon Preston, p.5
Penelope Weaving by Ana Pilsbacher, p.6
Red Flower (art) by Martha Anderson, p.7
Photo by Shafak M. Samsheer, p.7
Okie by Stephanie Pinkalla, p.8
Moving Forward by Jerry Pittman, p.8
Testing My Wings by Hannah Christensen, p.9
An Organic Experience by Alex Forster, p.10
The 23rd Psalm of St. John’s University by Tyler Speltz, p.11
Photo by Adriana Gabres, p.12
Photo by Joan Van Grinsven, p.12
Stereotypes by Anne Dehn, p.13
Time Up by Nancy Krenn, p.13
Reexamining Rubber Ducks by Julianna Passe, p.13 
Untitled by Maria Karpov, p.14
Mushroom by Anna Wigtil, p.14
Cover Series: To Kill a Mockingbird (art) by Katie Tomten, p.15
Photo by Sarah Sorensen, p.15
Why My Family Is Like Adam and Eve by Ryan Wold, p.16
Photo by Roseanne Frederick, p.19
Craving Solstice by Johnny Preston, p.20
Dissatisfaction by Kathryn Gerdes, p.21
Untitled (art) by Jennifer Penas, p.22
Photo by Pa Nhia Lee, p.22
Hit or Miss by John Plunkett, p.23
Under Blankets by Rachel Jaye Givens, p.24
Water by Tou Moua, p.24
Sima, Resident of the House of Resurrection AIDS Haven/Orphanage (art) by Jennifer Birkhofer, p.25
Unsettled by Simon Thill, p.25
Beauty (a personae poem) by Brita M. Thielen, p.26
What Would Happen Next by Catherine Jensen, p.27

SPRING 2012, vol. VI

Waiting at the Airport by Alex Robbins, p.3
Today I went for a bike ride by Elizabeth Camber, p.4
Reflections on Roman Tourism by Laura Maguire, p.5
Untitled Short Story by Find-the-Fish, p.6
A moment more / You probably won’t read this because it’s just another naturer poem by Nicholas Benson, p.7
A Dream Dreamt and Dreamt Once Again by Dana Hicks, p.8
The Barn by Colleen Kennedy, p.8
The Dog and the Cat by Amanda Brown, p.8
Untitled (photo) by Nancy Krenn, p.9
Untitled (photo) by Philip Kittock, p.9
Gray Beach (photo) by Melissa Bradley, p.10
Love Knows No Boundaries (art) by Alixandra Biwer, p.10
Abbey (art) by Alixandra Biwer, p.10
Untitled (photo) by Laura Posthumus, p.11
Untitled (art) by Rachel Oveson, p.11
Leap of Faith (photo) by Patrick Gibbons, p.12
Onion (photo) by Laura Posthumus, p.12
Astrals by Rachel Givens, p.13
One More by Anne Dehn, p.13
Once Upon A Time by Victoria Marie Borchardt, p.14
Morning’s Hymn by Kathryn Smith, p.16
Widower by Nancy Krenn, p.16
Your Love is Like a Paper Mill by Emily Reimer, p.17
Just a Smile by John Heinze, p.18
Venezuelan Street (photo) by Joan Van Grinsven, p.19

SPRING 2013, vol. VII

Sewing Night by Dan Qiao, p.3
Untitled (photo) by Ezell Carina, p.3
Five by Guillermo Blanco, p.3
The Dancer by Leah Byron, p.4
Mask and Medicine by Anonymous, p.4
Eyed by Alex Betley, p.5
Into the context I breath anew by James Neddermeyer, p.5
Sonnet V by Margaret Siegrist, p.5
My Grandmother’s Hands by Emmett Doyle, p.6
The Shepherdess’s Reply to Her Love by Amanda Brown, p.6
Healing by Tanner Wright, p.7
Analogman by John Heinze, p.8
Ferrari F40 (photo) by Phil Kittock, p.10
Just a Little Shy (photo) by Melissa Torgerson, p.10
Double Faced Consumer Culture (photo) by Anastasiia Okuneva, p.10
Berry Love (photo) by Katelyn Peterson, p.10
Saint Ben’s Main Snow Path (photo) by Lindsey Graske, p.10
R.A.I.N.B.O.W. by Alexander Robbins, p.11
Neighbors by Jaclyn Dinndorf, p.12
Full Circle by John Kinney, p.13
That Girl at the Coffeehouse by Dana Hicks, p.14
Our Rock by Angela Dols, p.15
The North Shore (photo) by Joan Van Grinsven, p.15
Shoes by Julia Segeleon, p.17
Andrea’s Forest by L.F. Moreau, p.18
The Arrow by Michael Tomten, p.20
Harvest (photo) by Laura Posthumus, p.22
The Old Dirt Road by Leita Strei, p.23
Untitled (photo) by Patrick Gibbons, p.23
Howth, Ireland (photo) by Melissa Bradley, p.24

SPRING 2014, vol. VIII

The Inhabited Soul by Dana Stanton, p.3
My Sunshine by Stasha Pauluk, p.3
Coffee Shop Solo by Alexander Robbins, p.3 
Intersection of the Telling by James Neddermeyer, p.4
My Own Demise by Ann Schaenzer, p.4
Has It Really Only Been… by Karen Mize, p.5
A Traveler’s Weight by Christopher Heitzig, p.6
Fallen by O. Zajac, p.6
Tandem by Molly Horton, p.6
Breathe by Amanda Brown, p.7
Master Bath by Luke Muyskens, p.7
The Gathering of the Solar System by Catherine Jarocki, p.8
Cracks by A.K. Ley, p.10
Expectations by Rachel Trout, p.10
Siblings (photo) by Ariel Lusty, p.10
Graceful Blue Heron (photo) by Julia Eckart, p.11
Untitled (photo) by Phil Kittock, p.11
Sunset Trees (photo) by Nicole Argudin, p.11
Door (photo) by Chelsi Webster, p.11
Realization of an Existential Matter for an Imagined Reality by Dana Hicks, p.13
Here Right Now by Dani Quintana, p.14
Talking to Monsters by Adam Hey, p.14
Remarks on Individualism by Alexander Betley, p.17
Dave Wakes Up by John Heinze, p.19
Atop the Cliffs of Moher (photo) by Leita Strei, p.20

SPRING 2015, vol. IX

Men’s Role in Society by Tyler Prabhu, p.3
Storm Chaser by Shanley Roach, p.3
Cherry House by Tanner Wright, p.4
Mona Lisa by Consuelo Gutierrez, p.4
To Wander by Karen Mize, p.4
God Bled by Daniel Stevenson, p.5
El Horror by Guillermo Blanco, p.5
I am a man by Emmanuel Falé, p.6
Red Perfume by Eduardo Brandi, p.6
Magic Heart by Adam Hey, p.7
End of the Meeting/World by John Heinze, p.9
Bearing with the Past by Nicole Argudin, p.12
Untitled (photo) by Angela Yamoah, p.14
Grassy Thorns (photo) by Ben Gooley, p.14
Blossoming (photo) by Erin Medvecz, p.15
Mountain Stream (photo) by Ben Gooley, p.15
Son of the Forest by Michael Collins, p.16
Three Mountains by Kayla Karst, p.18
How To Give Your Mother a Heart Attack by Bailey Zallek, p.19
Chased By Darkness by Ann Schaenzer, p.21
Life by Sophie Stangl, p.22
Beautiful, Dirty Hands by Ryan McCanna, p.24
Aura by Anastasia Pauluk, p.25

SPRING 2016, vol. X

Sunset to Sunrise by Shanley Roach, p.3
Palm Fronds by Ruth Becker, p.3
A Synopsis of my Soul by Caitlin Harvey, p.3
The Sea Breeze by Michael Collins, p.4
Sliabh Fir by John Peeples, p.4
I Hope You Know You’re Dying by Emily Schoenbeck, p.5
Nebulae and Insignificance by Jennifer Serrato, p.6
Poetry in Reflection of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by Nicholas Burke, p.6
Trepidation by Shannon Kennedy, p.6
Canis Lupus by Raymond Mulvey, p.7
Beyond My Wall by Conner Strong, p.8
Internal Monologue #465 by Emily Schoenbeck, p.9
My Lady of Doubt by Ryan McCanna, p.10
An Ode to Lady Bennie from Johnnie Himself by Jeffrey Johnson, p.11
An Average Day by Leo Moraczewski, p.12
Helena and the Serpent by Katie Gammon, p.13
Untitled (photo) by Nicole Argudin, p.14
Untitled (photo) by Cormac Quinn, p.14
Untitled (photo) by Raymond Mulvey, p.14
Untitled (photo) by Emily Schoenbeck, p.15
Untitled (photo) by Troy Baur, p.15
Untitled (photo) by Michael Macken, p.15
Rubberwood by Adam James Hey, p.16
The Little Bird by Leah Ellman, p.19
Pieces of Me by Maria Encarnation, p.20
“Good Stewards” by Annastacia Stubbs, p.23
Playing to Save a King by Anna Norris, p.24

SPRING 2017, vol. XI

A poem dedicated to Pseudonym by Michael Ellman, p.3
Foresight by Bridget M. Davis, p.4
The Tomb by Mark Ellman, p.5
A Letter from an Art Thief by Anna Norris, p.5
Snowflakes a dance’n by Nicole Argudine, p.5
ADHD by Claudia Eisenhuth, p.6
Good Grief by Anja Wuolu, p.7
Opening Mass, First Years by Francesca Duquette, p.7
After the Kiss by Katie Gammon, p.8
Love’s Smile by Eduardo Brandi, p.8
She Is… by Maggie Pomerenke, p.9
Fairy Wings by Leah Ellman, p.10
Gods have Coffee by Jonathan Dunealvy, p.11
Bryce Canyon National Park (photo) by Anja Wuolu, p.14
Untitled (photo) by Nicole Argudin, p.14
Change of Scenery (photo) by Jack Colleran, p.15
Untitled (photo) by Nicole Argudin, p.15
Asimov’s Jobs by Adam Hey, p.16
A Very Unlikely Princess by Martha Rausch, p.19
The Gethenay by Genna Brakob, p.22
The Introduction Ball by Mikayla Kelly, p.23
The Dragon Slayer by Jack Colleran, p.26

SPRING 2018, vol. XII

Cheesy Love Poem by Holly Ossanna, p.3
Will I See You Again? by Maryssa Ziegler, p.4
London by Katie Gammon, p.4
Ode to a Slug by Michael Ellman, p.5
Come and gone by Ilyse Putz, p.5
Besom by Mikayla Kelly, p.6
Blade by Maggie Pomerenke, p.7
Apollo and The Boy by Jonathan Dunleavy, p.7
Juno Beach, Florida by Martha Raushc, p.8
Leaves (photo) by Mark Ellman, p.10
A Taste of Winter (photo) by Maryssa Ziegler, p.10
Into the Woods (photo) by Genna Brakob, p.10
Dappled Sunlight (photo) by Michael Ellman, p.11
A Tender Moment (drawing) by Jonathan Dunleavy, p.11 
My Dog is More Photogenic Than Me (photo) by Kendra Krebsbach, p.11
Lights by Holly Ossanna, p.12
Valerie by Andrea Walter, p.14
Red by Mark Ellman, p.15
The Tower of Azmera by Hannah Baumgardt, p.16 
Sailor of the Seven Seas by Anna Norris, p.17
Something Queer in Elsinore by Genna Brakob, p.20

SPRING 2019, vol. XIII

Cover (photo) by Abbey Peddle
Love Poem by Angelo Waterhouse, p.2
Be Kind by Genna Brakob, p.3
Breath of Winter by Molly Johnson, p.4
Class Dismissed by Lindsey Schaffer, p.4
Divine Brew, My Muse by Maryssa Ziegler, p.4
The Autopsy by Jonathan Dunleavy, p.4
Descendant by Mikayla Kelly, p.6
Perseus by Maggie Pomerenke, p.6
Shall I compare thee to a piece of cheese? by Mark Ellman, p.7
7/11 on the Highway by Daniel Bachmeier, p.7
Love Is Like a Tapeworm by Michael Ellman, p.8
Snowflakes by Abby Peddle, p.9
The Soldier by Anna Norris, p.9
The Firm Handshake of Eden (drawing) by Genna Brakob, p.11
Chapter 1 (drawing) by Rachel Jungmann, p.11
Lilium Candidum (drawing) by Anna Norris, p.11
Boat (photo) by Michael Ellman, p.11
Tiny Twins (drawing) by Brennan Rosenthal, p.12
Moher (photo) by Alex Ouradnik, p.12
Wild Child by Martha Rausch, p.13
The Never-Ending Friendship Chili by Anja Wuolu, p.14
The Keeper by Holly Ossana, p.18

SPRING 2020, vol. XIV

Cover (photo) by Alex Ouradnik 
An Ode to Pseudonym by Erin Kammueller, p.3
‘Twas the eve of All Hallows by Quinn Brakob, p.5
I Yearn for Spring by Mike Ellman, p.8
This Lake by Martha Rausch, p.9
White by Quinn Brakob, p.10
Testimonies from the Parabellum by Jonathan Dunealvy, p.17
Ensured for Life by Mark Ellman, p.19
Wanderer’s Tavern by Mikayla Kelly, p.24
Griffin (drawing) by Hannah Baumgardt, p.28
The Instrospector (drawing) by Rachel Jungman, p.28
Untitled (photo) by Martha Rausch, p.28
Untitled (photo) by Kendra Krebsbach, p.28
George the Frog (photo) by Quinn Brakob, p.29
Ghost Cat (art) by Alex Ouradnik, p.29
Adventure of a Lifetime by Artie Pomerenke, p.30

SPRING 2021, vol. XV

Rocas en Agua (cover photo) by Karen Benitez
The Poem Formerly Known as Brady the Cat by Katherine Mendel, p.3
Untitled by Gillian Greenberg, p.3
Untitled by Gillian Greenberg, p.4
Willow Avenue by Chicken Joe, p.4
Running A Race by Zachariah Kratz, p. 5
Dual Trauma by Jack Doyle, p.6
Back to The Show by Abigail Freeman, p.7
Faery Ring by Anna Spreck, p.8
Memories of Summer by Oliver Peterson, p.10 
Untitled by Sarah Neve, p.10
I’m following my own path by Sarah Neve, p.11
Spike (drawing) by Megan Greenberg, p.12
Untitled (photo) by Gillian Greenberg, p.12
Space of Mind (drawing) by Megan Greenberg, p.13
Untitled (photo) by Anna Spreck, p.13
Untitled (photo) by Anna Spreck, p.13
Untitled (photo) by Anna Spreck, p.14
Cascada (photo) by Karen Benitez, p.14
Mexico’s Ocean (photo) by Karen Benitez, p.15
Acapulco (photo) by Karen Benitez, p.15
菊 (Chrysanthemum) by Mary Ludwig, p.16
A Bike Let Loose by Abigail Freeman, p.18
Untitled by Anna Spreck, p.20 
The Gendered Norm by Oliver Peterson, p.23
Erin’s Story by Erin Kammueller, p.23

SPRING 2022, vol. XVI

Cover (photo) by Kayla O’Leary
Untitled by Jazmin Ovando, p.3
Spring by Gillian Greenberg, p.4
A Summer Evening by Gillian Greenberg, p.4
Shibuya Crossing by Margaret Heroux, p.4
Look by Abby Freeman, p.5
An Empire Thrived by Kayla O’Leary, p.6
Wish it Were Clear by W.M. Nicolay, p.7
Onward by Megan Greenberg, p.8
BIZARRE BAZAAR by Anna Spreck, p.8
A Valentine’s Day Poem by Megan Greenberg, p.9
Strange Places by Anna Spreck, p.10
Oat to Joy by Margaret Heroux, p.10
Sestinial by W.M. Nicolay, p.11
Ongoing Investigation by W.M. Nicolay, p.11
Phone Receiver / Goodbye by Clare Lamb, p.12
Untitled by Erin Kammeuller, p.13
Hamate Snake by Margaret Heroux, p.13
Serene Days by Paj Vuam, p.14
The Work of Singing by Erin Kammueller, p.15
Untitled by Erin Kammueller, p.15
Untitled (photo) by Kayla O’Leary, p.16
Untitled (photo) by Kayla O’Leary, p.16
Untitled (photo) by Kayla O’Leary, p.17
Concert Night (photo) by Megan Greenberg, p.17
Naturaleza (photo) by Karen Benitez, p.18
桃色花 (photo) by Karen Benitez, p.18
Sunshower (drawing) by Brennan Rosenthal, p.19
Autumn Night (photo) by Karen Benitez, p.20
Winter Lights (photo) by Karen Benitez, p.21
Untitled (photo) by Abby Freeman, p.22
Tidal Wave (photo) by Megan Greenberg, p.22
Morning (photo) by Gillian Greenberg, p.23
Autumn Afternoon (photo) by Gillian Greenberg, p.23
Vita et Amor by Abby Freeman, p.24
Detrimental effects of PFOA exposure on cardiac tissue development in rats by Brennan Rosenthal, p.28
Fox News shows the racial disparity of the criminal justice system by Chiamaka Chijioke, p.33
Thorns and Vines by Mary Ludwig, p.35
What Makes a Little Mixed Girl by Autumn Ayer, p.36

SPRING 2023, vol. XVII

Mt. Fuji (cover photo) by Mary Ludwig
Green Comet by Francis Greenfield, p.3
A dialogue with silk and perfume by Rebecca Anderson, p.4
Mount Moriah by Margaret Heroux, p.4
Autumn Knight Errant (The Yellowjacket) by Brennan Rosenthal, p.5
You were born on a warm summer day by Francis Greenfield, p.6
Grief is a horrible salesman by Margaret Heroux, p.7
Red Eye by Abigail Freeman, p.7
Aztec Icarus I — The Fall of Icarus by Erin Kammueller, p.8
Fragility by Felicia Lutz, p.9
Metamorphosis by Margaret Heroux, p.9
Secrets: an Etymology by Sarah Hoppe, p.10
Autumn by Rebecca Anderson, p.11
As for Me by Margaret Heroux, p.11
youth by Rebecca Anderson, p.12
An acceptance speech by Felicia Lutz, p.12
This Grander Thing by Abigail Freeman, p.13
Fernando Cortés Wears the Ceremonial Garments of Motecuhzoma II by Erin Kammueller, p.14
Roadkill by Brennan Rosenthal, p.15
Untitled (photo) by Zach Kratz, p.16
Shirakawa-go (photo) by Mary Ludwig, p.17
Acadia (photo) by Abigail Freeman, p.17
Blue Skies Blue Springs (photo) by Abigail Freeman, p.18
Old Guy with Box (photo) by Brennan Rosenthal, p.19
Grasshopper (photo) by Brennan Rosenthal, p.20
Green Darner (F) (photo) by Brennan Rosenthal, p.20
Summer Waters (photo) by Clare Lamb, p.21
Self-Reflection by Abigail Freeman, p.22
Older, Younger by Felicia Lutz, p.24
An Ode to Simple Joys by Abigail Freeman, p.26
Water is a Stenographer by Margaret Heroux, p.28