Tables of Contents for Headwaters and Symposium

Headwaters (2004 -) and Symposium/The Saint John’s Symposium (1982-2003): Tables of Contents

The tables of contents (only) are below for this annual CSB and SJU faculty journal.  Its previous titles were variations of Symposium, a Faculty Journal.  Most of the issues are available in print at the libraries, and all are available in the CSB and SJU Archives; issues from 2006-2010 are online on the Digital Commons


Symposium: A CSB/SJU Faculty Journal

The Saint John’s Symposium

HEADWATERS no. 27 (2010)

Front cover photo: “Salzburg Splendor” by Stuart Goldschen

Editor’s Introduction to the 27th Issue by Aubrey Immelman, p. 1

Oberammergau: Germany’s 376-year-old Passion Play Before and After the Holocaust, Vatican II, and Ongoing Research into Early Christianity by Anna Lisa Ohm, p. 4

Short Story: “The Honest Village” by Sophia Geng, p. 16

A Week in Guatemala: Assorted Mental Souvenirs, p. 19 by Ernie Diedrich (Ed.), Eleonora Bertranou, Bruce Campbell, Nelsy Echavez-Solano, Alexis Howe, Michael Livingston, Elena Sanchez-Mora, and Corey Shouse-Tourino, with photography by Cheri Supalla and Joy Hemmesch

Poem: The Love Song of J. Lender Truetown by Steven W. Thomas, p. 42

Consolation by Anthony Cunningham, p. 43

A Moral Paradox of Martial Training by Charles W. Wright, p. 58

SJU Convocation Address: “Reasonable Doubt” by Thomas Q. Sibley, p. 73

CSB Convocation Address: “Clover, Bee, and Reverie” by Cynthia Malone, p. 76

Analysis of St. John’s Maple Syrup Records: 1942–2009 by Stephen G. Saupe, p. 80

Poems: A Hobby
Daylight Saving Time
by Sandy Bot-Miller, p. 90

Poems: On Edge
A Gift Passed On
by Will Marwitz, p. 92

What Kind of Constitution? James Madison, John C. Calhoun, and the Problem of Majority Rule by James H. Read, p. 94

The Blessings and Burdens of Liberty by Lt. Col. James C. Fischer, p. 110

HEADWATERS no. 26 (2009)

Front cover photo: “The Great Wall at Badaling” by Bill Lamberts

Editor’s Introduction to the 26th Issue by Aubrey Immelman, p. 1

Photo: In Memoriam: Br. Dietrich Reinhart, OSB (1949–2008) by Steve Woit, p. 8

Did the Hakka Save China? Ethnicity, Identity, and Minority Status in China’s Modern Transformation by P. Richard Bohr, p. 10

Short Story: “Celery’s Dream” by Sophia Geng, p. 19

Truth, Justice, and the Critique of Globalization in a Mexican Superhero Parody by Bruce Campbell, p. 27

Culture: Conversations and Questions by Michael J. Borka, p. 44

Red Lake Revisited by Lynn Moore, p. 53

Tongues of Fire by Ozzie Mayers, p. 56

25 Years of Care Ethics: A Personal Retrospective by Jean Keller, p. 62

SJU Convocation Address: “Wean Yourself” by Mark Thamert, OSB, p. 76

CSB Convocation Address: “Find Your Sugar Shack” by Stephen G. Saupe, p. 80

Uncovering Issues with Coordination and the Impact on Mission Implementation by Carie A. Braun and Philip I. Kramer, p. 84

Poems:  A Flight of Quiet Necessities
              Autumn Harvest
              Boy Child Lies Upon Autumn Leaves

       by Will Marwitz, p. 92

Mary Anning of Lyme Regis: 19th Century Pioneer in British Paleontology by Larry E. Davis, p. 96

Submission Guidelines, inside back cover

HEADWATERS no. 25 (2008)

Front cover photo: “Honk for Peace” by Anna Lisa Ohm

Back cover photo: Willem Ibes – “An artist of the highest quality” by Greg Becker

Editor’s Introduction to the Twenty-Fifth Issue by Aubrey Immelman p. 1

Is Iraq Another Vietnam — Or Not? by Ken Jones p. 4

Address: “Peter and the Truth” by Rene McGraw, OSB p. 20

Letter from the Persian Gulf: Faculty Development in Dubai by Anna Lisa Ohm p. 24

Short Story: “Young Soldier, the Taxi Driver” by Sophia Geng p. 34

Doorstep Discourse by James H. Read p. 39

Address: “Keeping the Dream Alive” by Ephrem Hollermann, OSB p. 62

Address: “The Benefits of Taking Academic Risks: Creating the Life You Want to Lead” by Pamela L. Bacon p. 69

Poetic License: The Past in Creative Writing by Mara Faulkner, OSB, Cynthia N. Malone, Karen L. Erickson, and Scott Richardson p. 73

Getting It All Together: The Fragmentation of the Disciplines and the Unity of Knowledge by Timothy A. Robinson p. 102

Natural Selection and Moral Sentiment: Evolutionary Biology’s Challenge to Moral Philosophy by Charles W. Wright p. 115

Poems: October Blast and Musings by Liz Wurdak p. 121

Getting Out by Ron Baenninger p. 122

A Beethoven Triptych by Willem Ibes p. 131

CD Enclosure: A Beethoven Triptych: Three Instrumental Cantatas by Willem Ibes, Piano

HEADWATERS no. 24 (2007)

Front cover photo: The Human Cost of War by Wendy Sterba

Back cover photo: Storm on the River Hogol, Sonakhali, India by Beth Wengler

Editor’s Introduction to the Twenty-Fourth Issue by Aubrey Immelman p. 1

Stone Walls: Stories from Minnesota’s Geologic Past by Larry E. Davis p. 4

Saint John’s University and Minnesota Public Radio by Hilary Thimmesh, OSB p. 17

Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution by Gary Prevost p. 19

The Word on the Tehran Street by Noreen Herzfeld p. 34

German Identity Changing With the European Union: More European, Less German, More Local by Anna Lisa Ohm p. 39

Poem: The Pleasures of Prayer by Luke Mancuso, OSB p. 47

Moses Has No Tongue: Or, Bumbling Truth-Tellers in Places of Secret by Jill Zasadny p. 48

“Why Are We Here?” by Rodger Narloch p. 53

“Hindsight, Foresight, and Insight” by Erin A. Szabo p. 56

Wellness Factors in First-Year College Students by Janna LaFountaine, Mary Neisen, and Rachelle Parsons p. 60

Study Abroad As Synecdoche by Scott Richardson p. 66

“But What Is It That You Actually Do?” (What It’s Really Like Working in the Lab) by Michael Reagan p. 82

The Unity of All Knowledge: The Need for Both Science and Theology in Understanding Reality by Vincent M. Smiles p. 91

Poems: Verse Fall Migration by Liz Wurdak p. 102

In Memoriam: Kurt Vonnegut, 1922-2007 by Gregory Schroeder p. 103

HEADWATERS no. 23 (2006)

Photo: Ancient irrigation project, Du Jianyan, China by Vilma Chiu Walter Cover

Photo: The highest dome in the Far East, atop Spaso—Preobrazhenskyi (Savior and the Transfiguration) Cathedral, Russian Orthodox, in Khabarovsk, Russia, completed in 2003 by Linda Tennison Back Cover

Editors’ Introduction to the 23rd Issue by Aubrey Immelman and A. Lisa Ohm p. 1

Beethoven’s Piano Sonata Opus 110 in A-flat Major: The Mystery of the Missing Cats by Willem Ibes p. 2

Photo: Delta Epsilon Sigma Honors Convocation, Omega Chapter, College of Saint Benedict, 1964. From the CSB Archives p. 16

Delta Epsilon Sigma: Scholastic Honor Society at the College of Saint Benedict, 1940-Present by Carol Berg, OSB p. 17

Photo: John Geissler, St. John’s Arboretum, Fires the evaporator in the St. John’s sugar house, 2005 by Stephen G. Saupe p. 25

Making Maple Syrup at Saint John’s: Records Show Shifts in the “Sticky Business” by Stephen G. Saupe p. 25

Pussy Willows by Sandy Bot-Miller p. 39
Right Temperature by Sandy Bot-Miller p. 40

Reclaiming Their Lives and Breaking Free: An Afrocentric Approach to Recovery From Prostitution by Valandra p. 41

Photo: Lighthouse at Cape Recife, Port Elizabeth, South Africa by Vilma Chiu Walter p. 58

The Call to Prophetic Maternity and Matriarchal Irony by Karen L. Erickson p. 59

Palabras by Sandy Bot-Miller p. 68
A Home Body by Sandy Bot-Miller p. 69

Photo: Herero Woman With Her Child, Damaraland, Namibia by Denise Meijer p. 70

To Asia With Love: Toward Experiential Asian Studies at CSB/SJU by P. Richard Bohr p. 71

Photo: Taj Mahal Lotus Pool, India, Faculty development trip. 2005 by Valandra p. 84

Chile Faculty Development Trip by Gary Prevost, Gladys White, Sandy Bot-Miller, Lisa Ohm, John Yoakam, Ernie Diedrich p. 85

Photo: A Quiet Morning on Maple Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, July 2005 by Ron Henry p. 98

Table Rites and Animal Rights: Revisiting the Animal Question in the 21st Century by Vera Theisen p. 99

Avoiding “Silent Fall”: Ethics and the Future of Hunting by Derek Larson p. 109

Photo: The Salzburg Sinti and Roma Memorial by Gregory F. Schroeder p. 126

Hail, Salzburg! and Damn the Vortex! Historical Memory in Austria Revisited by Gregory F. Schroeder p. 127

Waiting for a Funeral in Srebrenica: The Tenth Anniversary of the Fall of Srebrenica by Nick Hayes p. 140

Found iPod Poem 1.0 by Bill Lamberts p. 145
Found iPod Poem 2.0 by Bill Lamberts p. 146

HEADWATERS no. 22 (2005)

Editors’ Introduction to the Twenty-Second Issue by A. Lisa Ohm and Gregory F. Schroeder p. 1

Three Fabliaux by Rutebeuf by Ned Dubin p. 2

Photo: Alaska Pipeline by Derek Larson p. 15

What is Vocation? Responses from CSB/SJU Students, Faculty, and Administrative and Support Staff by Rodger Narloch p.16

Face-to-Face and Thorough Debriefing for Realizing More Positive Attitudes in Research Participants by Don Turk p. 30

Photos: Bosnia by David Paul Lange, OSB p. 43

Notes for Survival in the Wilderness by Eva Hooker p. 44

Photo: South Africa by Valandra p. 55

Is There Nothing for the Neanderthal? By Michael Patella, OSB p. 56

Badlands Camp by Kyhl Lyndgaard p. 68

Indigenous Women as Surrogate Mothers and Spiritual Mentors in Two Novels by Mexican Women Writers by Elena Sánchez Mora p. 69

The Adventure of Filmmaking: An Interview with Gustavo Fontán by Thorpe Running and Marina Martín p. 79

El Paso-Ciudad Juárcz: On Seeing the Border by Dennis Beach, Eleanora Bertranou, Bruce Campbell, Carla Durand-Demarais, Bernard Evans, Jake Knaus, Brian Larkin, Rachelle Parsons, LuAnn Reif, Corey Shouse Tourino, Christina Tourino p. 87

HEADWATERS no. 21 (2004)

Editors’ Introduction to the Twenty-first Issue: Re-naming the CSB/SJU Faculty Journal by A. Lisa Ohm and Gregory F. Schroeder p. 1

From Descartes to Camus: How to Get from “I think, therefore I am” to “I rebel, therefore we exist” by Stephen I. Wagner p. 2

DNA Marilyn by Lisa Stanley p. 10

Problematizing Plagiarism in Teaching, Writing, and Reading by Camilla Krone p. 12

The Shape of Water and the Feel of Trees: A South Dakotan in Minnesota by Annette Atkins p. 27

The CSB College Archives: A Concise History by Carol Berg, OSB p. 37

The Enduring Value of Classic Texts by Mark Thamert, OSB p. 41

Religion and Science: Conflicts and Connections by Vincent Smiles p. 47

Children under Attack: Overcoming Media-Induced Fear by Erin Szabo and Julie Lynch p. 60

Photos by Scott Johnson p. 68

“The Good Dream Gone”: Profit vs. Politics in a Post-9/11 World by Martin Andrews p. 70

Chemchemi Ya Ukweli: A Wellspring of Truth to Promote Active Nonviolence in Kenya by Ron Pagnucco p. 79

A Trip down the Yangtze River: The Three Gorges before the Flood by Bill Lamberts p. 88


Editors’ Introduction to the Twentieth Anniversary Edition: A Tribute to Bob Spaeth by A. Lisa Ohm and Gregory F. Schroeder p. 1

Bob Spaeth by Annette Atkins p. 4

History, Memory, and September 11 by Kenneth M. Jones p. 6

Worse Disasters: Teaching about September 11 at CSB/SJU by Kelly Rae Kraemer p. 21

My Dean by Janet McNew p. 30

Sharjah Journal by Theresa M. Vann p. 32

Hail Melk! Ethics and Historical Memory in Austria and Germany: Or, Why I Felt More Comfortable in Melk Than I Did in Salzburg, and, for That Matter, Why I Felt Even More Comfortable in Frankfurt am Main by Gregory F Schroeder p. 54

Appreciation of Bob Spaeth by Hilary Thimmesh, OSB p. 66

Prophecy and Revolution: The New Kingdom in Flaubert’s Hérodias by Karen L. Erickson p. 68

Ten Years After: Reflections of a Recovering Sovietologist by Nick Hayes p. 77

Spaeth by Lee Hanley p. 85

The Learning Paradigm: Making the Connections in Teaching by Kathleen A. Ohman p. 89

What Gay Men, Lesbians, Bisexual and Transgender People Have to Teach About Vital Aging by John R. Yoakam p.105

Create This! The Failure of Creationism by Martin Andrews p. 117

Bob’s Last Hours by Sylvester Theisen p. 136

Robert Spaeth/Lascia ch’io pianga by Eva Hooker, CSC p. 138


Science Education Under Attack or The Ranting of an Evolutionist About “Scientific Creationism” by Larry E. Davis p. 1

José Isaacson: Poet, Philosopher and Friend by Daren Grahsl and Marina Martin p. 15

Teaching Research in Symposium by Dennis Beach, OSB p. 27

William S. Borroughs: The Most Significant Writer Since World War Two? by Marty Andrews p. 36

The Danish Duckling and the Swedish Nightingale: Hans Christian Andersen’s Cautious Courtship of Jenny Lind by Lisa Ohm p. 76

“I should have been too glad, I see—”: Emily Dickinson’s Ironic Dismissal of the Puritan Code by Luke Mancuso, OSB p. 88

Harry Braverman: A Case Study of Creativity in the Social Sciences by Michael C. Livingston p. 94

Mission to Redlake, 1888-1940 by Carol Berg, OSB p. 104

The Origin of the Halloween Jack O’Lantern by Stephen G. Saupe p. 112


Philip Killian’s Civil War by Hilary Thimmesh, OSB p. 1

Iceland and Espionage by Scott Richardson p. 30

Walk a Century in My Shoes: Minnesota 1900-2000 by Annette Atkins p. 49

The Bible and Homosexuality: A Test Case in the Proper Use of the Bible by Vincent M. Smiles p. 72

Poems by Mara Faulkner, OSB p. 82

Why is “Genocide” Not Sufficient?: A Discussion of the Uses of the Term “Holocaust” by Gregory F. Schroeder p. 87

The Story After the Story by Mary Jane Berger, OSB p. 96

It ‘Likes a Village to Raise a Child: Johanna Spyri’s Female Bildungsroman, Heidi’s Lehr und Wanderjahre by Lisa Ohm p. 101

A Classroom Revolution: Confessions of an Old School New Age Teacher by Karen L. Erickson p. 112

Unpacking My Reggae Collection by Michael J. Opitz p. 121


Newman’s Timeliness and Timelessness by Wilfred Theisen, OSB, Professor of Physics p. 1

So What? Or, the Use and Abuse of the Founding Fathers by James H. Read, Associate Professor of Political Science p. 8

Evolving: It’s the Practical Thing to Do by Charles Rodell, Professor of Biology p. 18

Academe 101-Lessons from the University of Minnesota Tenure Code Battle by Michael G. Livingston, Associate Professor of Psychology p. 23

Getting Around to the Carrots by Jon Hassler, Regents’ Professor Emeritus p. 42

Remembering My Brother- for Doug by Chris Freeman, Assistant Professor of English p. 45

Ethnic Politics and the Kurdish Question in Germany by Vera Eccarius-Kelly, Instructor in Political Science p. 54

Poems by William Kelly, Athletic Department p. 68

(Sort of) Deconstructing Free Will by Martin Andrews, Associate Professor of Psychology p. 72

Commemorating the Crusades by Theresa M. Vann, Cataloguer, Hill Monastic Manuscript Library p. 94

Europe: Visions and Realities Ten Years After the Wall by Otmar Drekonja, Professor of Modern and Classical languages p. 105

Review: The History and Practice of Ancient Astronomy by Clayton A. Gearhart, Professor of Physics p. 113


Quarks, Tropes, and the Suicide Squeeze by Daniel Finn, Clemens Chair in Economics and the Liberal Arts p. 1

The Radicalization of the Kurdish Diaspora in Germany by Vera Eccarius-Kelly, Adjunct Instructor of Peace Studies p. 4

The Smartest Man in Town by Jon Hassler, Regents’ Professor Emeritus p. 20

The Girl Whose Beauty Stopped a Softball Game by Jon Hassler, Regents’ Professor Emeritus p. 22

The Life of Eternity by Willern Ibes, Professor of Music p. 24

The Clinton Chronicle: Diary of a Political Psychologist by Aubrey Immelman, Associate Professor of Psychology p. 30

The Naming Life by Ozzie Mayers, Professor of English p. 69

Ora et Labora: The Rule of Saint Benedict and the Social Work Practice by Lynn Bye, Assistant Professor of Social Work and Ralph Holcomb, Associate Professor of Social Work p. 73

Letter to Mother by William Kelly, Athletic Department p. 81

Drowning to Life by William Kelly, Athletic Department p. 82

Second Sight by William Kelly, Athletic Department p. 84

Two Heresies: Copernicanism and the Ordination of Women by Wilfred Theisen, OSB, Professor of Physics p. 85

Review: Central Europe-Enemies, Neighbors, Friends by Otmar Drekonja, Professor of Modern and Classical Languages p. 89


A Dead White Monk? Writings about John Cassian (365-435) in the Late 1990s by Columba Stewart, O.S.B., Associate Professor of Theology p. 1

“Adapt or Die”: Computers and the Industrialization of Education by Marty Andrews, Associate Professor of Psychology p. 14

J.F. Powers’ Comic Irony: Wheat That Springeth Green by Nancy Hynes, O.S.B., Professor of English p. 31

The Church and the Campus in the Modern World by Hilary Thimmesh, O.S.B., Professor of English, President Emeritus p. 38

Notes on the Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement by Jeffrey J. Kamakahi, Lecturer in Sociology p. 46

Flood, plain by Eva Hooker, C.S.C, Professor of English p. 60

Jackie by Jon Hassler, Regents Professor Emeritus p. 69

Dreams and Spirituality: An Historical Perspective by Bruce Wollmering O.S.B., Associate Professor of Psychology p. 72

The Benedictine Vow of Stability and Environmental Stewardship by John B. Klassen, O.S.B., Associate Professor of Chemistry p. 77

On Sisyphus and Teaching by Edmund Sass, Professor of Education p. 86

Greener Energy: The Case for Wind Power at SJU and CSB by Ernie Diedrich, Professor of Economics and Jamie Partridge, Assistant Professor of Management p. 88

Ethical Issues and Undergraduate Research Opportunities by Kate Graham, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Jill Holbrook, CSB Class of 1995, Eva Hooker, Professor of English, Henry Jakubowski, Associate Professor of Chemistry, John Klassen, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Amy Ross, CSB Class of 1999, and Michael Ross, Associate Professor of Chemistry p. 101

Portrait Gallery by Greg Becker, SJU Director of Publications p. 30,45,68, 108


John Bossler in the Civil War by Hilary Thimmesh O.S.B., Professor of English, President Emeritus p. 1

Beech Tree Death by Eric Ribbens, Assistant Professor of Biology p. 18

Lunch with Mary Sue by Jon Hassler, Regents Professor of Fiction p. 21

Unfettered by Eva Hooker, C.S.C., Professor of English p. 26
So unlike any simple thing I know by Eva Hooker, C.S.C., Professor of English p. 27

1000 Years of Austria by O.M. Drekonja, Professor of German p. 28

The Janins: A Family of Men by Annette Atkins, Professor of History p. 35

Theory of Knowledge and the Core Curriculum by Ray Pedrizetti, 0.S.B., Associate Professor of Philosophy p. 43

Misreading Marowitz: Thoughts on Directing by J. Scott Johnson, Assistant Professor of Political Science p. 49

South Africa’s Transition to Majority Rule: Implications for Higher Education by Aubrey Immelman, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Roelf van Niekerk, University of Port Elizabeth p. 61

The Editor’s Bookshelf: German Atomic Bomb Project in World War II by Clayton A. Gearhart, Professor of Physics p. 74


Keep a Steady Course: Dessa Rose Resists but Maintains the Interracial Equilibrium by Luke Mancuso, OSB Assistant, Professor of English p. 1

Painting in Casis: The Poor Mans Cézanne? by Bela Petheo, Professor of Art p. 14

Why We Envy You by Eugene Garver Professor of Philosophy and holder of the McNeely Chair in Thinking p. 19

A Classroom Skit (from the novel-in-progress Dean’s List) by Jon Hassler, Writer-in-residence p. 22

Vom Armen B.B. Reflections on Bertolt Brecht by O.M. Drekonja, Professor of Modern and Classical Languages p. 26

Darwin and the Mind of God by Wilfred Theisen, Professor of Physics p. 32

All the Men’s President: The Political Personality of Bill Clinton by Aubrey Immelman, Assistant Professor of Psychology p. 36

An Insight Shobha Gulati, Associate Professor of Mathematics p. 47

Transgenic Translational Relations: The Training of Third World Agricultural Scientists at U.S. Universities by Jeff Anderson, Assistant Professor of Peace Studies p.51

Baxter Woods Revisited by Eric Ribbens, Instructor of Biology p. 71

Kyrie for Knittle by Eric Ribbens, Instructor of Biology p. 75


South Africa’s Long March to Freedom: A Personal View by Aubrey Immelman p. 1

A Sociologist’s Comments on “South Africa’s Long March to Freedom: A Personal View” by Richard P Albares p. 21

Recital by Jon Hassler p. 27

Licking Out the Pots in Sorrows Kitchen: Zora Neal Hurston on Love by Anthony Cunningham p. 30

Rhetoric by Eugene Garver p. 45

Four Poems
Jazz Cello by Eva Hooker, CSC p. 53
Waiting Room in P-Town by Eva Hooker, CSC p. 54
Raptor by Eva Hooker, CSC p. 55
To M., dead by Eva Hooker, CSC p. 56

The Berlin Blockade by Honoré Marc Catudal p. 58

Communication Patterns in the Alcoholic Family: A Summary of a Case Study by Jeanne Cook p. 67

Robert L. Spaeth reviews Alma Mater: A College Homecoming, by P.F. Kluge p. 79
Michael Livingston reviews Imagining Argentina, by Lawrence Thornton p. 81

Nature’s Baptism by Greg Becker, Photographs Front cover
Jon Hassler by Greg Becker, Photographs 1994 p.26
Autumn, Gallatin Valley by Greg Becker, Photographs p.44
Victor Charley left his mark by Greg Becker, Photographs p. 57
On the Wharf, San Francisco by Greg Becker, Photographs p. 66
Designer Bride by Greg Becker, Photographs p.78


The Signage Committee by Jon Hassler p. 1

The Biochemistry and Economics of Thrombosis by Henry Jakubowski p. 11

The Case of the Salk Polio Vaccine by Kenneth M. Jones p. 23

Beauty Bare by Tom Sibley p. 39

African Americans and the Economy by Michael Emerson p. 49

A Match Made in Heaven by Shobha Gulati p. 58

Music: Fullness of the Present by Willem Ibes p. 63

Corporate Rhetoric by Richard Ice p. 75

Stonewall Jackson: “Duty Personified” by Robert L. Spaeth p. 85

Homo Economicus by Steve Heymans p. 95

President Eisenhower and The Nuclear Threat in Korea by Honoré Marc Catudal p. 102

The Stranger View of Law by J. Scott Johnson p. 112

J.F. Powers, by Lee Hanley 1962 p. 22
W.H. Auden, by Lee Hanley 1972 p. 38
Eugene J. McCarthy, by Lee Hanley 1982 p. 48
Fr. Alfred Deutsch, O.S.B. , by Lee Hanley 1989 p. 74


Benedictines and Higher Education American Style by Hilary Thimmesh, O.S.B. p. 1

“Ezekiel’s Wheels” (Poem) by Eva Hooker, C.S.C. p. 12

Dear James by Jon Hassler p. 14

The Education of Albert Einstein by Clayton Gearhart p. 21

Our Language of Power by Charles Thornbury p. 45

“Taj Mahal” (Poem) by Marina Martin p. 63

Marginality in the Social Sciences and Humanities by Emily A. Schultz p. 65

Feminism and the Sin of Women by William J. Cahoy p.73

1022 and All That by Wilfred Theisen, O.S.B. p. 80

What Ever Happened to Truth? Literary and Ethical Theory by Raymond Pedrizetti, O.S.B. p. 89

Political Pilgrims: China through the Eyes of American China Watchers by Marjorie King p. 99

Art Work
Portrait of I.S. by Bela Petheo p. 11
Otmar’s Place by Bela Petheo p. 20
Sylvia by Bela Petheo p. 44
The Dam at Elk River by Bela Petheo p. 64
President Dille by Bela Petheo p. 114


Richard P. Albares reviews The Romantic Ethic and the Spirit of Modern Consumerism by Colin Campbell p. 115

Jane E. Regan reviews Brave New World Order: Must We Pledge Allegiance? by Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer p. 122

Anthony M. Szpilka, O.S.B. reviews Religion in an Age of Science by Ian Barbour p. 126

Robert L. Spaeth reviews The Idea of the University: A Reexamination by Jaroslav Pelikan p.131


Whose Politics? Media Distortions of Academic Controversies by Janet McNew p. 1

Minnesota and Brazil: A Benedictine Missionary Experience by William Skudlarek, O.S.B. p. 19

Anniversary: A Short Story by Jon Hassler p. 27

Dynamics of Family Life in 19th Century America by Annette Atkins p. 32

The Attempted Assassination of Fidel Castro by Honoré Marc Catudal p. 41

“Of the Deer” and “A Passion for Study” by Eva Hooker, C.S.C. p. 52

Liturgy in the Medieval Monastic Refectory by Eric Hollas, O.S.B. p. 57

Benedictine Advantages in Liberal Education: A Layman’s Perspective by Robert L. Spaeth p. 71

From Sandino to State Power by Gary Prevost p. 77

(De)Serving Theory: Teaching Contemporary Criticism by David R. Jarraway p. 90

Library of Celsus by Hugh Witzmann, O.S.B. facing p.1
Aqueduct by Hugh Witzmann, O.S.B. p. 31
Temple of Ceres by Hugh Witzmann, O.S.B. p. 56
Arch of Septimius Severus by Hugh Witzmann, O.S.B. p. 89


“Macedonian Icon #2” by Alan Reed, O.S.B. Inside Cover

“The Single Song of a Bird” and “Spring Thaw” by Eva Hooker C.S.C. p. 4

What Might Have Been: Galileo in 1615-1616 by Robert L Spaeth p. 7

“Early Morning, Cape May, N.J.” by James Hendershot p. 14

“Chanting the Square Deific”: Whitman Confronts Structural Evil in Post-War America by Luke Mancuso, O.S.B. p. 15

An Introduction to the Liederkreis by Otmar M. Drekonja p. 34

Books for All Seasons by Jon Hassler p. 38

“Macedonian Icon #6” by Alan Reed, O.S.B. p. 42

Patristic Tradition and Pastoral Ministry by Columba Stewart, O.S.B. p. 43

Religious Tolerance and the Rule of Benedict by Jerome Theisen, O.S.B. p. 57

Living on the Fringes of Benedictinism by Janet McNew p. 60

Tolerance, Diversity and Dialogue by Mark Verman p. 63

Jane Eyre’s Shame by Peter Carlton p. 66

“Corner of 79th and Fifth Ave.” by James Hendershot p. 83


Have Commencement Address, Will Travel by Robert Spaeth p. 5

There is So Much Left to Do by Michael Holscher p. 9

In the Image of Man: Reflections on Artificial Intelligence by Noreen Herzfeld p. 13

“Arriving” and “Particular Knowledge” by Cyril O’Regan p. 22

Ethics in the Pulpit by Alvin Reuter p. 26

Changing Modes of Thought: Non-Euclidean Geometry and the Liberal Arts by Thomas Sibley p. 35

Libby and Frank by Jon Hassler p. 49

Der Buam Und Der Winter (The Tree and the Winter) by Francisco Elvira-Hernandez p. 56

“Man lasse uns Deutsch-Amerikanern ruhig unseren Bindestrich”: Der Wanderer’s Role in the Assimilation of Minnesota Germans by John Kulas, OSB p. 58

We Are All One”: Myth, Reality, or Potential? by Getatchew Haile p. 70

Yearning Wolf Moon” and “Pulling Down Rain” by Eva Hooker, CSC p. 76

The Godgame by Scott Richardson p. 80

List of Contributors p.96


Thucydides’ Melian Dialogue by Raymond Larson p. 1

Reunion In Italy by Jon Hassler p. 11

Policy Entrepreneurs: Catalysts for Policy Innovation by Paula J. King and Nancy C. Roberts p. 17

The Orestes Brownson -Virgil Michel Connections by Luke Mancuso, O.S.B. p. 29

The Great Persecution: Religion and Politics by Richard Westall p. 45

The Measure Is Size: Reflections on Size and Power by Linda Hansen p.53

“A Network of Blue Notes”: The Catholic College by Eva Hooker, C.S.C. P.73

Darwin the Creationist by Wilfred Theisen, O.S.B. p.87


The Spirit of Socrates and Jesus by Robert Joyce p. 1

After Virtue by Raymond Pedrizetti, O.S.B. p. 9

1. The Coming Revolution in College Teaching by Michael Livingston p. 17
2. Why We Lecture by Thomas Creed p. 25

Questions about Science and Society by Robert Fulton p. 33

Language, Truth and Limits by James L. Nelson p. 39

Game Theory and Soviet Nuclear Strategy by Honoré (Marc) Catudal p. 49

Three Translations by Jocelyn Paska
Through the Streets of Washington by Silverio Munoz p. 58
Poems by Gonzalo Millan p. 61
Poems by Jaime Quezada p. 63 +

A Trip to the Soviet Union by Gabriele Winkler p.65

The Art of Science by Frank Rioux p.77

God and Origins by Don Talafous, O.S.B. p.83

Grandfather and Mrs. Clay: A Story by Jon Hassler p.93

Contributors p.97


My Teaching as a Moral Issue by Linda Hansen p. 1

Rembert Bularzik and the Granite Rock by Alfred Deutsch, O.S.B. p. 11

Historians’ Conversations by Annette Atkins p. 25

John Berryman and Yeats’s Majestic Shade by Charles Thornbury p. 33

The Clock and the Book by Jon Hassler p. 43

The Contra War and Its Effects on Nicaragua by Gary Prevost p. 45

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Something Will Happen: An Action-filled Story translated by Otmar M. Drekonja p. 79

What Must a University Be? by Stanley J. Idzerda p. 87

Contributors p. 93


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The Abbey in the Woods, by F.R. Fries translated by Otmar M. Drekonja p. 31

Two Views of Nuclear Deterrence
I. Pascal’s Wager: Does Deterrence Deter? by Honoré (Marc) Catudal p. 43
2. Nuclear Deterrence is Morally Defensible by Robert L. Spaeth p. 53

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Special Section
Listening to Women’s Voices

Preface by Annette Atkins, Linda Hansen and Joan Steck p. 54

Women as Colleagues by David Bennetts: Michael Kathman: Carol Marrin: Billie Reaney: Nita Jo Rush p. 57

Men as Colleagues by Patrick McDarby. O.S.B.: Constance Miller: Doris Murphy: James Murphy: Raymond Pedrizetti, O.S.B.; Joan Steck; William Van Cleve p. 66

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Women’s Perspectives by Constance Miller p.118

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Contributors p.138


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