Samples of Record Types Permanently Stored in the Archives

The Archives accepts records that fall within the 18 collections that are cataloged or in the process of being developed and cataloged. Therefore, the listings we give are incomplete and subject to revision as we continue to catalog the collection.

The following is a sample listing of the types of records the Archives expects to receive. Records will be accepted on an annual basis based on when a department no longer needs to use the records. The transfer should take place within at least a five year period. Preferably, it would be on a two to three year basis or less.

Collection 1: Mission and History of the College

  • speeches
  • essays that reflect the mission of the College
  • documents describing the history of the College

Collection 2: Legal Documents

  • constitution, articles of incorporation, and bylaws
  • leases and loans
  • property
  • litigation
  • bequests
  • financial audits and financial aid audits
  • and other legal documents

Collection 3: Monastery/College Relations

  • responsibility and minutes of the corporate membership
  • minutes of the joint administrative council and its committees
  • memos between Prioress and President
  • policies: policies for hiring sisters, land and building policies, and other financial issues

Collection 4: Board of Trustees

  • minutes of the CSB Board of Trustees
  • minutes of the CSB/SJU Boards of Trustees/Regents
  • minutes of the committees of the Board
  • general files of the Board: Trustee handbooks, Board membership, correspondence, policies and rules, and advisory Boards

Collection 5: President

  • general files: policies of the College
  • President's staff minutes and reports
  • annual reports of the College
  • annual reports of the President
  • annual reports of the Administrators
  • institutional goals and objectives
  • handbooks : Administrative staff handbooks, Faculty handbooks, Support Staff handbooks
  • correspondence, reports, essays, and speeches of individual Presidents
  • papers of each President
  • Presidential inagurations
  • dedication of new buildings
  • commencement
  • Multiculturalism
  • Foundation and Government Grants

Collection 6: Coordinate Relations

  • CSB/SJU coordinate relations -- history: essays and documents describing the history
  • coordinate cabinet meetings

Collection 7: Academic Affairs

  • correspondence, reports, and minutes of the academic administration and its committees
  • reports from the academic departments
  • documents on the general education/core curriculum
  • minutes of the faculty assembly: CSB faculty assembly 1951 - 1994, joint faculty assembly Oct 27, 1994 to present, faculty workshops
  • minutes of the faculty committees: CSB faculty committees 1964 - 1993, faculty council on academic affairs 1993 - 1996, joint faculty standing committees 1997 to present
  • minutes of ad hoc committees and task forces
  • honors societies
  • library and media
  • literary arts program
  • multicultural issues
  • north central accreditation
  • registrar: academic catalogs, student directories
  • academic services: academic advising and academic skills

Collection 8: Student Development

  • administrative student development staff minutes and annual reports
  • campus ministry activities and reports
  • counseling services reports
  • residential life and housing minutes and reports
  • student government notes and correspondence
  • student handbooks

Collection 9: CSB Publications

  • student newspapers
  • student magazines
  • alumnae newspapers and magazines
  • campus newsletters
  • publications by individual administrative areas and academic departments

Collection 10: Institutional Planning

  • minutes, memos, and reports of the planning and budget committee
  • strategic planning reports

Collection 11: Institutional Research

  • freshman profiles and surveys
  • institutional research reports

Collection 12: Institutional Communication

  • brochures for campus events
  • community relations correspondence

Collection 13: Admissions and Financial Aid

  • market research
  • retention and attrition reports
  • annual reports
  • enrollment reports

Collection 14: Institutional Advancement [Development Office]

  • alumnae relations documents including surveys and information on events
  • annual fund documents
  • capital campaign documents
  • foundation and corporate giving
  • planned giving and endowment documents
  • development office annual reports

Collection 15: Administrative Services (Financial Administration)

  • administrative services reports and memos

Collection 16: Physical Plant and Facilities Management

  • planning process for new buildings documents
  • planning process for renovation of old buildings
  • master plans and reports
  • building, space, and grounds committee minutes

Collection 17: Athletics

  • CSB Athletics

Collection 18: Benedicta Arts Center and Special Events

  • special events of the college
  • lecture series