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Resident Members

CSB/SJU faculty and staff who were elected to Phi Beta Kappa at their undergraduate colleges comprise the permanent chapter membership. Their participation in Theta Chapter activities includes electing student, alumni, and honorary members; organizing the annual induction ceremony and dinner for new members, and helping to coordinate the Visiting Scholar Program. Listed below are our members and the schools where they were inducted into Phi Beta Kappa.

Richard Albares
Associate Professor of Sociology
University of California, Berkeley

Jon Armajani
Associate Professor of Theology
Oberlin College

Pam Bacon
Associate Professor of Psychology
Carleton College

P. Richard Bohr
Professor of History
University of California, Davis

D. Gordon Brown
Associate Professor of Biology
Colby College

Gary Brown

Jayne Byrne

Associate Professor of Nutrition
College of St. Catherine

Shawn Colberg
Assistant Professor of Theology
Saint Olaf College

Clark Cotton
Adjunct Professor of Biology
Saint Olaf College

Jeffrey Diamond
Assistant Professor of History
University of Pennsylvania

Trish Dick, OSB
Sisters of Saint Benedict
Central Washington University

Daniel Gullo
Curator/Malta Study Center, HMML
University of Wisconsin

Nicholas Hayes
University Chair in Critical Thinking
University of Minnesota

Sheila Hellerman
Department and Program Coordinator for Political Science, Sociology, and Peace Studies
Hamline University

Noreen Herzfeld
Professor of Computer Science and Theology
Saint Olaf College

Henry Jakubowski
Professor of Chemistry
SUNY, Albany

Louis Johnston
Associate Professor of Economics
University of Minnesota

Thomas Kirkman
Associate Professor of Astronomy and Physics
College of Wooster

Wendy Klepetar
Professor of Global Business Leadership
SUNY, Binghamton

Karen Knutson
Associate Director of Institutional Planning and Research
University of North Dakota

Kelly Kraemer
Associate Professor of Peace Studies
Washington University

David Paul Lange, OSB
Associate Professor of Art; Subprior of Saint John's Monastery
Saint Olaf College

Ellen Lucast
Adjunct Assistant Professor of First Year Seminar
University of Minnesota

David Mitchell
Associate Professor of Biology
Beloit College

Sanford Moskowitz
Associate Professor of Global Business Leadership
City College of New York

Brian Mumma
Director of Teacher Education
Georgia College & State University

Yvette Piggush
Assistant Professor of English
Notre Dame

Lisa Platt
Assistant Professor of Biology
University of Wyoming

Judy Purman
Director of Sustainability
Beloit College

James Read
Professor of Political Science
University of Chicago

Scott Richardson
Professor of Languages & Cultures
Harvard University

Susan Riley
Adjunct Assistant Professor of First Year Seminar
University of Minnesota

Jennifer Schaefer
Assistant Professor of Biology
Saint Olaf College

Jason Schlude
Assistant Professor of Languages & Cultures
Macalester College

Susan Sink
Administrator, House of Prayer
Grinnell College

Vincent Smiles
Professor of Theology
Fordham University

Daniel Steck
Professor Emeritus of Physics

Columba Stewart, OSB
Executive Director of HMML; Professor in the School of Theology
Harvard University

Erica Stonestreet
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Gustavus Adolphus College

Mary Ellen Sullivan
International Recruitment Assistant in Admission
University of Delaware

Diana Symons
Social Sciences Librarian
Willamette University

Laura Taylor
Adjunct Instructor in Theology
Fairfield University

Janet Tilstra

Martha Tomhave Blauvelt

Alison Toering

RD of Regina Hall, Residential Life
College of Saint Benedict

Richard Wielkiewicz
Professor of Psychology
University of Hawaii

Elizabeth Wurdak
Professor of Biology
Boston University