Setting up Your CSB/SJU Network Account


Note: You should have previously received your Banner ID and network username.

1. Go to the CSB/SJU Password Station page at

2. In the Username box, type your network username (not your email address) and click continue.

3. Click Forgot Password.

4. Answer the security questions and follow the remaining prompts to change your password.

Note: Please review the CSB/SJU Password Creation Requirements below for guidelines on creating a password.

  • Passwords must be at least eight characters.
  • Do not use your first name, last name or username in any part of the password.
  • Passwords cannot be reused.
  • Your password must contain characters from three of the four categories:


Upper case A,B,C, . . . Z
Lower case a,b,c, . . . z
Non-alphabetic characters !,$,/,
Numbers 0,1,2, . . .9

Please contact the CSB/SJU Help Desk at 320-363-2228 if you run into any problems setting your password.

 Use the information you receive along with the following directions to access your email and Banner account:  Accessing Your CSB/SJU Email