Our Partners

Congregate Dining

  • Joe Town Table
  • Central Minnesota Catholic Worker
  • St. Joseph Area Churches
  • Community Members
  • CSB/SJU Community
  • Experiential Learning & Community Engagement
  • CSB Culinary Services
  • CSB Office of Sustainability
  • Nutrition Department
  • CSB Campus Ministry

Interested in partnering with Community Kitchen?

CSB Community Kitchen strives to maintain a local, community-based focus. We partner with non-profits, churches, assisted living facilities, and food shelves  in our effort to increase access to healthy food and help CSB Community Kitchen provide meals where need is high and other services are not already being offered.

If interested in having Community Kitchen partner with your agency for congregate dining or community food rescue, please fill out the request form:

Community Kitchen Congregate Dining Request


The benefits of this partnership extend beyond the provision of high-quality, nutritious food. A ripple effect is created that:

  • Liberates our partnering agency's budget so they can dedicate more resources to educational materials and programming
  • Creates an added incentive for community members to participate in the agency's programs through the provision of a meal
  • Builds relationships through the sharing of a meal and conversation
  • Furthers a mutually beneficial partnership between campus and community through the provision of leadership and experiential opportunities for college students
  • Reduces food waste on campus and in the community
  • Frees time and budget of participants so that they can engage in programs and support other needs