1974 College of Saint Benedict Mission Statement

"The College of Saint Benedict is an academic community for undergraduate women. It maintains close cooperation with Saint John's University, a College for men. We are committed to providing an educational content and process in an environment that fosters liberal, Christian, Catholic education in a Benedictine setting.

Affiliation with the College as a faculty or staff member necessitates the willingness both to conserve and to develop the values to which the College is committed:

  • As a liberal Arts college, we are committed to enabling students to think and to act with responsible human freedom, to understand and to be formed by the arts and sciences, and to be simultaneously self-possessed and capable of effective service to others.
  • As a Christian college, we accept the person of Jesus Christ and his gospel as normative for the values we seek to understand and to communicate.
  • As a Catholic college, we are guided by the centrality of the Catholic Church in Christian revelation, as the Church strives to be faithful now to its origin and its history, and to the full and future call of the gospel.
  • As Benedictine in character, we strive to provide a community of prayer, of work, of celebration; a community of learning that promotes reverence for the person and concern for the community; and a community tempered by vital stability, remaining open to development and the future.

March 28, 1974"