First-year Housing Assignments

What housing options are available for First Year students?

New students coming to Saint John's as freshmen will be living in either St. Thomas Aquinas "Tommy" or St. Mary "Mary" residence halls. Non-traditional aged and transfer students may have the option of living in upper-class housing. If you are unsure of which situation fits you, please contact the Residential Life and Housing Office.

For more information, take a look at our Residence halls.

Am I required to live on campus?

Saint John's students are required to live on campus, unless granted permission, from the Residential Life and Housing Office, to live at home (with parents) or off campus (during their junior and senior year). For more information, visit our page about the Residency Requirement.

What amenities does the on-campus housing offer?

Each room is equipped with a desk, bookcase, bed, sink, and wardrobe. Additionally, there are community amenities available that vary slightly per building. For more information about amenities, visit the individual Residence halls.

What size sheets do I need to buy?

All beds are extra-long (39"x 80") and require extra-long sheets. Linens can be purchased from Residence Hall Linens.

Are there laundry facilities available for students?

Yes. There are free laundry facilities in every residence hall.

Do the residential halls offer cable television?

Yes. A single cable jack is available in each student room.

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When can guests be in the residence halls?

Male guests are allowed at any hour. Female guests are only allowed between 9am-12am on weekdays (Sun-Thurs), and 9am-2am on Weekends (Fri-Sat). If the student would like to house an overnight guest, he must first check in with his Faculty Resident (FR). Female guests are never allowed overnight.

Am I allowed to loft my bed?

Yes, with an approved loft. Students living in Mary, Tommy, Patrick, Boniface, and Bernard Halls can rent a bed loft for their residence hall room from Bedloft.com. Futons and MicroFridges are also available for purchase.

What type of meal plans are available?

The Comfort plan is the default meal plan and includes 10 Meal Passes every week plus 240 Dining Bucks for the entire semester. Freshmen and sophomores can change the plan to Block-style or upgrade to a Continuous meal plan. For more information, visit SJU Dining Services.  

Is wireless network connection available on campus?

Every academic and residential building on campus features wireless internet connections. All halls also have wired connections available.

Do I need to bring a computer and printer to campus?

No, every residence hall has its own computer lab and printer. The printing fee do not occur unless a student exceeds $25.00 (about 500 pages) worth of printing, in which case he will then be charged per sheet printed.

Are First Year students allowed to have a car on campus?

Yes. Permits for parking must be purchased. For more information, visit Parking Information.

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What happens if I get sick at school?

Both SJU and CSB campuses have a health center available for student use. For more information, visit SJU Health Center.

What happens if there is an emergency?

If a student needs emergency assistance of any kind (security, medical, fire, etc), they can contact Life Safety Services at 320-363-2144.

What happens if I don't get along with my roommate?

First, providing honest and accurate information on the housing form is paramount. Avoid having your parent filling out the form. Second, understand that having a roommate is a great opportunity for growth! You will learn how to communicate with and respect another individual in a way that you might not have done before. And while it may be a little strange and difficult at first, some of life's deepest friendships are made by going through this process.

As for not getting along with your roommate, Residential Life will always listen to your concerns. We have an established roommate conflict process in place with full support from your Faculty Resident (FR) and Resident Assistant (RA) once you live on campus.

First-year Housing Assignments

When do I fill out housing paperwork?

You can begin filling out your housing form in early April, as long as you have paid the $300 enrollment deposit to secure your spot at CSB/SJU. The housing form is available in the Housing Portal and is due by June 1st. Please note that we do not begin the roommate matching process until the form deadline so there is no advantage to submitting your paperwork early.

When will I learn of my housing assignment?

Your housing assignment will be emailed to your campus E-mail account in early July.

Do I get to choose which residence hall I'm in?

All of our first-year residence halls are very similar. Our residential life staff assigns students to one of the first-year residence halls.

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How do you get paired with a roommate?

If you know of someone you wish to live with, you both must make a mutual request in your First Year Housing Questionnaire. There is a section of the form dedicated to roommate requests, you will need to know their last name and SJU email to successfully find and add them.

How are roommate matches made if I don't request a roommate?

Roommate matches are made so that two people can co-habitate in a small space. We are in this to find you your new best friend. We utilize questions about sleep schedule, cleanliness, personal habits, study habits and personal interests to make the best possible match. The success rate of roommates is high, but never perfect.

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