CSB/SJU Music Department Student Handbook

Table of Contents

  • Mission Statement
  • Student Opportunities Outside the Department
    • ACDA
    • Amadeus Chamber Symphony
    • Heartland Symphony 
    • NATS
    • MENC
    • MMTA
    • Schubert Club
    • St. Cloud Symphony
    • St. Cloud Symphony Young Performers Competition
    • St. Cloud Symphony Young Composers Competition
    • Thursday Musical
    • WAMSO Young Artist Competition
    • Willmar Symphony

Procedural Information and Requirements

Questions not covered in this Handbook may be asked of your studio instructor/advisor or the Department Chair. Appointments with the Department Chair are made with the Department Coordinator, Deb Guertin -- #3371 (even days - SJU, MU 110) and #5796 (odd days - CSB, A 116).