Appropriate Course Numbers

A student’s status as a major/minor or non-major determines the course number for which they register.

  • Music majors should register for MUSC 227 lessons and music minors should register for MUSC 228, for the first four semesters of study.
  • Music majors should register for MUSC 337 lessons for the remaining four semesters of study. The department recommends that students receive permission from the instructor prior to registration.
  • Music majors who study a secondary instrument should register for MUSC 114.
  • Non-majors should register for MUSC 113.

Students should contact their lesson instructor during the first week of classes to set up a specific lesson time. Lessons are held once per week, for 12 weeks during the 15-week semester.

Studio Classes

Studio classes are held on a regular basis in conjunction with lessons. This is a performance class which allows students to present their work to their peers. Studio classes prepare students for more advanced performances such as juries, recitals, and competitions. They often provide an opportunity to exchange musical and technical ideas helpful for on-going improvement.

Special Fees

Lesson Fee:
The applied lesson fee is charged per semester and ranges from $130.00 - $190.00. Individuals (majors and minors) who are studying more than one instrument are charged only one fee. Secondary instrument lessons should be registered under MUSC 114. MUSC 300 level lesson fees: $260.00 (MUSC 337), $380.00 (MUSC 338).

Instrument Rental:
Instruments may be rented if a student is currently taking lessons or involved in an ensemble. The charge is $15.00 per semester. If you need to rent an instrument, please see your studio instructor and also register for: MUSC XXXRG-01A.