Recital Requirements:
  • Performance majors must give two full recitals, generally during their Junior and Senior years. Music majors in other concentrations can give recitals too, but non-performance degree sequences do not require recitals. Students may perform more than two recitals with the permission of their studio instructor. Musicians planning to a have a recital should seek the assistance of their studio instructor.
Choosing Dates, Times, and Locations:
  • Arrange dates for recital performances and dress rehearsals with the Music Department Coordinator, Kelly Brueske. When scheduling a recital, students must also reserve a dress rehearsal time slot in the venue of the performance. Dress rehearsals are typically scheduled for a day or so before the recital.
  • Recital dates are chosen at the end of the previous academic year. Preference is given in order of class and major (first, Senior Music Majors/Minors, and second, Junior Music Majors/Minors).
  • Junior and Senior Recitals can be held at either the Stephen B. Humphrey Theater at SJU or the Escher Auditorium in the Benedicta Arts Center at CSB. Student performers must pay a recital fee of $45.00 for performance space production costs.
  • Sophomore Recitals can be held in the Recital Hall or Music Rehearsal Hall at the Benedicta Arts Center, or the Choral Rehearsal Room or Emmaus Chapel at St. John's University.
  • Fine Arts Programming staff digitally records performances in the Humphrey Theater and Escher Auditorium. After the recital, the Technical Director provides performers with access to their recording.
  • Prior to a recital, Fine Arts Programming e-mails a technical form to students performing in the Humphrey Theater or Escher Auditorium. Students must fill out this form and provide:
    • Stage layout
    • Complete recital program with durations of each piece
    • Reception information
    • Recording information
    • Equipment needs
  • Performers desiring a recording of their performance at a venue other than the Humphrey Theater or Escher Auditorium should contact the Media Services. Students should make reservations for recording services at the time they schedule their recital, and they should prepare to pay necessary fees.
  • Students in need of an accompanist should make arrangements with their studio instructor and consult with department chair, Dr. Amy Grinsteiner.
    • Performers should contact their accompanist at least three months in advance or the semester prior to the recital date.
    • Note that during peak performance times of the semester students may need to seek an accompanist from off campus. Studio instructors and members of the piano faculty can recommend professional pianists.
    • Students are expected to pay their accompanists. The amount is negotiated between the student and their accompanist.
Recital Posters/Programs:
  • Students are responsible for creating their own posters & programs, and they must provide two programs and one poster for inclusion in student files to the Music Department Coordinator, Kelly Brueske. Posters and programs are academic documents which require studio instructor approval prior to printing.
  • Posters may not exceed 11x17 inches in size.
  • Students may hang posters only at designated campus locations. Posters in the BAC and SBH are posted by Music Department Staff; students must post the all others at other approved locations. Recital posters do not require posting approval from the Student Activities office.
  • If students desire to distribute posters in dormitories, they may provide posters to the RA on each floor.
  • Students should provide Kelly Brueske and the Music Office with 10 posters for department bulletin boards in the BAC and SBH and for inclusion in a yearly performance booklet.  Posters must be submitted two weeks before the recital date.  At that time, you must also submit a digital copy to musicsw for use on the Music Dept. website.
  • If you need help in creating a poster, we suggest you try which is a free program.
  • Visit the SJU Music Office for examples of posters & programs from past recital performances. Students may wish to view samples before creating their own posters and programs.
  • Poster and programs should include the CSB/SJU logo
  • Refer to the Style Guide for Concert/Recital Programs.
  • Reception needs may be accommodated through Culinary Services at St. Ben’s (#5145) or Dining Services at St. John’s (#2240).
  • If hosting a reception, note this on the technical sheet requested by the Fine Arts Programming Office.
    • Fine Arts Programming can ensure that a table is available for reception use in the BAC Lobby or Gallery Lounge following performances in the Escher Auditorium or the Humphrey Lobby following performances in the Humphrey Theater.
    • Students may host receptions in the hallway directly outside of the venue for performances in the BAC Recital Hall, BAC Music Rehearsal Hall, or SJU Choral Rehearsal Room.
    • Receptions in Emmaus may be held in the Dining Hall in the lower level of Emmaus Hall. This space needs to be reserved ahead of time. Confirm this request with Deedee Harkins.
  • Students can choose whether or not they would like their recital recorded through Fine Arts Programming when filling out the technical form.
  • Recital recordings may take up to a week after the recital to be uploaded. Access recordings via Fine Arts Programming SharePoint.