Practice Rooms

SJU Practice Rooms

The top floor of the Music Hall is home to 16 practice rooms containing
15 pianos, an electric organ, and one small tracker pipe organ. Additionally,
the building contains a larger organ studio on the main floor and the incredible
Gertken organ. The upstairs practice rooms are categorized into A, B, and
C rooms. The C rooms are always unlocked and available for anyone to use.
The B rooms contain mostly upright pianos and are reserved for music majors.
The A rooms contain grand pianos and are reserved for piano majors.

Keys for A and B rooms may be obtained from the SJU music office, located in
the Stephen B. Humphrey Building (Room 110). Keys are distributed as follows:
Key #143 - (B practice rooms) music majors; Key #142 - (A practice rooms) piano
majors only. Keys for the organ studios are also available. Electronic Music Lab keys
must be approved by Dr. Campbell. Enrollment in lessons with CSB|SJU faculty is a                                                                                             prerequisite to obtain any key.

   For more information, please contact Kelly Brueske at:

   SJU Office - 320-363-3371

   CSB Office - 320-363-5796

   Email - [email protected]

BAC Practice Rooms

The BAC's 20 practice rooms contain a total of 35 pianos. Such
a large quantity of rooms ensures that students almost never have
to wait for an open practice space. No sign-up, key checkout,
or pre-determined practice schedule are necessary; the practice
rooms are always unlocked and available for any student to use.

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Practice Rooms
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