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Canvas is the College of Saint Benedict/St. John's University's learning management system. The Canvas platform allows instructors to build dynamic How to use Canvas App Center
Historically, many Canvas users have had some success (with some performance limitations based on IP throttling, not imposed by Canvas/AWS), and even greater success leveraging VPN services
Grade online as well as student Instructors can set a due date for Canvas Assignments. Canvas Assignments without a due date will be categorized Points can be assigned to any Canvas Assignments except
Quizzes in Canvas are assignments that can be used to challenge student understanding and assess Canvas Guides - How do I create a quiz with a question group linked to a question bank?
Using Zoom with Canvas Canvas New Quizzes How do I create a discussion NOTE: To create group discussions in Canvas, you will first have to create  group sets and  groups.  Canvas Discussions Guides
The Grades function within Canvas allows you to maintain all of your grades online. It provides a how to override a final grade, refer to Canvas's How do I override a student's final grade? guide.
Canvas Collaborations allows students to work together on a single Office 365 (Word, Excel, or a collaboration item can delete it both within Canvas and within Office 365. For this reason, we
Using Zoom with Canvas Quizzes is an assessment engine that integrates with Canvas as an LTI tool and replaces the classic quizzes functionality currently existing in Canvas.
conferencing tool that can be integrated within Canvas for direct use with courses. The Canvas-Zoom recorded meetings. You must add the Zoom integration to each Canvas course you want to use with Zoom.
Canvas Basics ‐Outline Logging in to Canvas 1. Go to the A-Z index, C click Canvas (This will be under tools in the future) 2. Tpe in services/instructional design/canvas basics handout.pdf

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