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How can I get help with my research? Librarians are available to guide your research through email assigning your liaison librarian a role on your Canvas page so that we can field questions or make
If you have a desktop but the recording with your students, post it in Canvas by going to Recordings in Zoom to download the file then in Canvas create an assignment and on the right-hand side of the
You might be invited to a Zoom meeting via Canvas or email. A short videos shows How Students can access Zoom Meetings in Canvas and if you are invited via email, How to has over 3,000 free
CSB/SJU COVID-19 Response Information This page is your "one-stop" shop to frequently used websites. Send an e-mail to the web coordinator. Web Pages for Courses and Tools Canvas
CSB/SJU COVID-19 Response Information Find an Instructional Technology Specialist below to schedule an appointment Canvas Need help with subject-specific research? Schedule a research appointment with
CSB/SJU COVID-19 Response Information Students who are registered with Student Accessibility structures.  If your exams are proctored on Canvas, instructors can easily adjust the amount of time
CSB/SJU COVID-19 Response Information College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University Libraries are assigning your liaison librarian a role on your Canvas page so that we can field questions or make
Lockdown Browser 12. You will be brought to the Canvas login page, login to Canvas 13. Go to your course in Canvas 14. Choose the quiz you need to take, 15. The services/lockdown browser instructions.pdf
You will be working in groups to conduct Post your notes as you complete them on the Canvas discussion board. They are due a few days before the in-class coding activity. See Canvas for due dates. observation activity.docx
The major assignment of this course is structured around a mini- ethnographic research project on task, but have also made suggestions on the Canvas schedule as a guide for when to have the work research project upper level course.docx