Dr. Jon Armajani
Teaching/Research Interests: Islam, Christianity, Theory and Method in the Study of Religion  

Dr. Carol Brash, Program Chair
Teaching/Research Interests: Introduction to Asian Art (aka Non-Western Art History), Photography in China, East Asian Gardens, Modern and Contemporary Art, Introduction to Asian Studies

Richard Bresnahan
Teaching/Research Interests: Environmental Art and Architecture

Dr. Chris Conway
Teaching/Research Interests: Comparative Theology, Hinduism

Limei Danzeisen
Teaching/Research Interests:  Chinese Language 

Dr. Jeffrey Dubois
Teaching/Research Interests:  Modern Japanese Literature and Lilm, Visual Studies, Gender and Sexuality, Japan's Emperor, Nuclear Issues, and Japanese Teaching Pedagogy

Dr. Sophia Geng
Teaching/Research Interests: Chinese Literature, Safeguarding of Cultural Heritage, Chinese Immigration and Chinese American Literature, U.S.-China Relations and Exchange

Masami Limpert
Teaching/Research Interests:  Japanese Language 

Dr. Sucharita Mukherjee
Teaching/Research Interests:  Economic Development, Asian Economies, Quantitative Methods and Econometrics; Gender and Developme nt; Gender Issues in Asia; Feminist Economics

Dr. Madhu Mitra
Teaching/Research Interests:  Post-Colonial Literatures, Third-World Women Writers, Women's Literature, Eighteenth-Century British Literatures, English Novels

Dr. Deborah Pembleton
Teaching/Research Interests: International Human Resource Management, International Organizational Behavior, Global Business Leadership, Comparative Education

Dr. Elisheva Perelman
Teaching/Research Interests: Medical Missions in East Asia, Asian History of Medicine, Christianity in Asia, Modern Japanese History, Gender and Labor in Japan, Epidemics, Popular Culture in History

Dr. Christi Siver
Teaching/Research Interests: International Relations, Foreign Policy, International Security, Human Rights

Diana Symons
Associate Director for Learning and Research, CSB/SJU Libraries
Liaison librarian for Asian Studies

Dr. Charles Wright
Teaching/Research Interests: Environmental Ethics, Asian Philosophy, Social & Political Philosophy, Moral Psychology, Evolutionary Ethics

Dr. Tony Yan
Teaching/Research Interests: International Marketing, Marketing Research Methods, and Principles and Theories of Advertising