Jon Armajani, PhD


Office: Richarda N25, CSB
Phone: 320-363-5941
Email: [email protected]

Academic Degrees                   
Ph.D. University of California, Santa Barbara            
M.Div. Princeton Theological Seminary         
B.A. Oberlin College, Phi Beta Kappa  

Areas of Teaching and Research      
Theory and method in the study of religion  

Courses Recently Taught         

THEO 111, Theological Explorations
THEO 220, Philosophy for Theology        

PCST 333/THEO 345, Theologies of Violence and Non-Violence         
THEO 363, Religions of the World         
THEO 365, Islam                                              
THEO 369B, Modern Islamic Political Movements
THEO 369C, Islam and Gender          

Curriculum Vitae