arrowsThe Hive is a platform that links faculty, advisors, student services and students in a connected community designed to enhance student success through mutual support.  The application is new, but the practice is rooted in the traditions that have been fundamental Benedictine strengths for centuries – building communities of care and support.

How Can Faculty Support The Hive? 

  • Use the system!
  • Promote The Hive to your advisees/students.
  • Add a Hive course statement to your course instructions/syllabus.
  • Guide students to The Hive to find contact information for their Connections and Success Network 
  • Respond to Progress Surveys
  • Use Alerts!  Raise Concerns for students using Flags.  Connect students to campus services with Referrals. Recognize success with High Fives!
  • Post your office hours and offer students the option to schedule online for meetings
  • Even if not offering online scheduling, record meeting and the touch points of those meetings using Appointments and SpeedNotes in the HIVE.  See Documenting Meetings and Appointments

Written Guides and Directions 

General Resources and Tools: 

Links for Instructors:  

If you have mastery of the following items, you should be able to: document interactions and communications with students; track attendance and/or raise alerts when students have ongoing absences; and respond to Progress Surveys at key points in the semester. 

Links for Faculty Advisors 

The tools below are helpful for all faculty and student connections but may be particularly useful if you serve in a Faculty Advisor role. Please review the information on each subject as needed and consider attending either The Hive for Faculty Advisors  training sessions offered in partnership with Instructional Technology to ask questions or coaching/instruction. 

Video Tutorials 

Faculty and Staff Demo Series - videos vary from 4 to 10 minutes in length 

Two Minute Tips - short videos 30 seconds to two minutes in length 

Full Length Recorded Training Sessions

Is there an app?  

There is not an "app" for The Hive, however The Hive is mobile adaptive allowing you or your students, to easily use and interact with the website from any device. 

Still have questions? 

Check the Frequently Asked Questions for The Hive.

Wondering how students experience the HIVE? See Student View of the HIVE