Alerts - Rules and Work flow

There are three main types of alerts created by faculty/staff; Flags, Referrals, and High Fives. There are also student raised alerts using the “Request Help” feature.  Alerts can be raised throughout the term anytime you have concerns to share or recognition/praise to give to a student.   Each term we prompt instructors to give feedback to their students through the Progress Survey Process.  Review the progress survey schedule for the current term. 

Follow the links below to review the details and work flow for each type of alert. 

Academic Flags

Social (non-academic) Flags


Informational Flags

High Fives

Request Help (student raised alerts)

Additional Tools (Notes, Messages, Support Network)

Not sure how to tell if the students you are connected to have alerts?  Review information on Filtering Alerts 

Permissions for Alerts are set based on the particular role(s) one has on campus and their relationship(s) with a student.  One may have View, Manage, or Assign permissions to an alert.  Your permission level may vary for the same alert from one student to another depending on your relationship/connection to the flagged student(s). 

Additional Information Regarding Alert Permissions