Incoming Students

If You Received a Work Award As Part of Your Financial Aid Award:

The following websites include information about what you need to do if you received a student employment award as part of your financial aid:

  • Student Employment Information
    This webpage includes general information about student employment at CSB/SJU.
  • How to Find a Job
    This webpage includes information about how to find a job and what to do when you accept a job.
  • Employment Forms
    There are certain employment forms that are required from all student employees, and other forms that are optional. This webpage contains information about all employment forms and information about where to turn these forms in.

If You Did Not Receive a Student Employment Award As Part of Your Financial Aid Award:

If you did not receive a student employment award, you have the option of placing your name on the work waiting list. Jobs generally open to the waiting list in late September. If you would like to have your name added to the work waiting list please email the Student Employment Office at [email protected].

Some jobs open to the waiting list during the summer; you can view these jobs in the Work Waiting section on the Student Employment Jobs website.