International Students

Welcome to the Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary!

We are glad you are here to visit us! The Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary is a graduate school dedicated to educating men and women on lay and ordained ministry. We foster a sense of community and contemplation rooted in Benedictine and Roman Catholic tradition. We offer a range of graduate degrees in theology and continued education courses. Saint John's is an inclusive community that hosts students from all around the world. Information on admission, student life, and other topics can be found below.

Why come here?

Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary is not just about getting a degree. We focus on growing the whole person, making the years students spend here an experience that deepens their understanding in all walks of life. The lessons learned at the School of Theology and Seminary will be carried for the rest of life. We are located in a unique place, amongst the quiet woods and lakes of the Saint John's Arboretum in central Minnesota. This environment fosters a complentative environment for the students, allowing for quiet reflection and study throughout the year. Nearby are the Saint John's Abbey and Saint Benedict's Monastery, two Benedictine communities that provide a rich environment for spiritual growth. The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University undergraduate schools, also close by, provide an educational atmosphere in which to study.

The Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary

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