Study Abroad

As the world has become smaller, the Church has grown larger; Christianity accounts for one-third of the globe’s total population, most of whom live outside the United States.  If our common faith in Christ is the tie that binds, knowing where and how that cord stretches across time and place becomes a matter of great importance.  Not only does Saint John’s School of Theology and Seminary view study abroad as a means to learn about the past and present of Christ’s Church, but it also sees such study as part of its vision and mission, a vision and mission dedicated to building bridges among peoples of good will.

Holy Land Study Tour

2019 Itinerary and Program Information 

Since 1974, Saint John's has conducted a study tour pilgrimage in the Holy Land in order to examine the biblical foundations of the Christian faith.  By emphasizing Christianity’s relationship to Judaism as well a contemporary Christianity’s bond with some of the world’s oldest Christian communities, students have the opportunity to renew and enliven their faith in the land of God’s self-revelation.  Moreover, the seed of Christian monasticism first sprouted in the soil of the Holy Land, and it remains a place where monks and nuns from all over the world continue to draw nourishment. 

The Holy Land Study Tour Pilgrimage for 2019 will include the Christian and monastic sites of northern Egypt.