Online Courses

Saint John's believes the experience of studying on campus is unmatched; however, quality teaching and learning are benchmarks of online coursework as well as traditional on-campus coursework.

Because Saint John's recognizes that distance, work, community and family responsibilities require some individuals to consider more non-traditional coursework, the School of Theology and Seminary seeks to meet the needs of these individuals by bringing people together in innovative learning environments.

Online course sizes are limited to facilitate close teacher and student interaction, even at a distance.  Early registration is encouraged.

There are three different types of online courses available for students to register for:

  1. Asynchronous courses -Students login and interact with classmates and faculty member at a pace designated by the faculty member, with weekly deadlines built into the semester. This course does not count as an on campus course. 
  2. Synchronous courses - Students login at the scheduled class time to interact and participate live and in real time with their classmates and faculty member. Students will not be able to view a recording of the course later. This course does not count as an on campus course.
  3. Hybrid Course – Students login and interact with classmates and the faculty member prior to and following the on campus portion of the course. Almost 2/3 of the course experience will be on campus, which is typically five consecutive days for 5-6 hours a day. The online component may be synchronous or asynchronous. This course does count as an on campus course.

View the online course options at our  course schedule page for each term.

See what you need to do for your computer and web browser to participate in online courses here.

For more information, contact the Director of Admission at 320-363-2896 or [email protected]