Graduate Certificate Program

The Graduate Certificate Program is ideal for those who wish to participate in a year of renewal or sabbatical or who find themselves in transition from one form of ministry to another. The certificate recognizes the completion of a cohesive program of graduate level study in consultation with a faculty adviser and is awarded after 18 graduate credits of coursework with a minimum of 9 credits in the focus area. A minimum grade point average of 2.50 (C+ average) is required. Although no record of the certificate is retained in the Registrar's office at Saint John's University, an official transcript of credits earned is available.

Students in the Graduate Certificate Program should apply as non-degree students in one of the following focus areas: Liturgy, Systematic Theology, Church History, Scripture, Spirituality, or Monastic Studies.  Upon approval of the Dean or Associate Dean, 3 graduate credits in theology may be transferred from another accredited institution or up to 6 credits may be transferred from member schools of the Minnesota Consortium of Theological Schools. All 18 credits may be earned in online coursework. The Certificate in Spiritual Direction requires a total of 22 credits and 9 credits of the core theology requirements may be earned in online coursework. The Certificate in Liturgical Art and Architecture requires 18 credits total, 10 credits on campus during the summer, and 8 credits online beginning in the Summer of 2020.

A student seeking admission to a degree program during or after completion of a certificate program must fulfill all admission requirements of the degree program. Previous credits earned in the certificate program are applicable to the degree program according to the requirements specified for the degree.  Students initially approved for a degree program who are unable to complete the degree requirements may apply for a Graduate Certificate. Approval is contingent upon the required grade point average and review of a cohesive program of study by the faculty adviser and the Dean or Associate Dean.

Online Application Form (Degree or Non-Degree)   

For more information, contact the Director of Admission at 320-363-2896 or [email protected].