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Students may register for up to four credits in three weeks or seven credits in six weeks. Registration for some courses may require the approval of your academic adviser. Consult the Summer schedule to make sure that course meeting times do not conflict. 

The multi-part courses listed below are open to all students but are part of the cohort-model of the YTM / Pastoral Ministry programs. One of these can be taken in conjunction with a regular three-week course if there are no time conflicts.
Pastoral Ministry / Youth in Theology Cohort Courses:
Select course for the June 15-19 & July 27-31
Select one course from the list below for the June 22-26 & July 27-31 session
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Tuition for summer 2015 courses is $490 per credit for degree seeking students; $390 per credit for continuing education students; and $285 per credit for students auditing courses.

Activity, technology, and studio fees are calculated automatically based on your course choices or the number of weeks you are enrolled. The activity fee is $10/week or $40/six weeks, the technology fee is $25/three weeks or $50/six weeks. .

These fees will appear when you are billed through the Student Accounts Office.