Registrar's Online Forms

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Forms for Adding & Dropping Courses

Is it the 1st week of the semester? Use BannerWeb Self-Service to add/drop all courses.

  1. Add a course - Use this form to add a course for the current term after the first week of the semester
  2. Drop a course - Use this form to permanently drop a course with no grade entry on your transcript after the first week of the semester
    • Full semester course - use for weeks 2-4 of semester
    • Mod courses - use during the 1st third (1/3) of the course
  3. Withdraw from a course - Use this form to withdraw from a course with a grade of "W" noted on your transcript
    • Full semester course - use after first 4 weeks of the semester
    • Mod courses - use during the 2nd third of the course
  4. Override Request - Use this form to request access into a course that is not available to you for any of the following reasons:
    • Enrollment is at the limit (no seats available)
    • You do not meet a prerequisite (i.e. haven't taken a course required for entry, test scores don't meet minimum requirement, etc.)
    • You are restricted from entering the course (i.e. course for a specific major only, course for a specific class standing only, etc.)
  5. Drop/Add form for Study Abroad - Use this form for all changes to your registration while studying abroad (Reviewed by Program Director)

Degree & Major/Minor Forms

  1. Degree Application
  2. Request to Delay Degree
  3. Major Acceptance Form
  4. Major/Minor Change Form - changes will not be processed during registration dates (submits directly to the Registrar's Office)
  5. Common Curriculum Substitution - for common curriculum or general college requirements
  6. Integrations Curriculum Substitution - for integrations curriculum or general college requirements
  7. Major/Minor Substitution - for major/minor requirements
  8. Proposal for Individualizing a Traditional Major

Special Registration Forms

  1. Audit Change of Status Form
    • Students intending to audit a course (earn no credit) are required to complete this form during the first week of class
    • When auditing a course, students are expected to attend all regular classes
    • A student who begins a semester as registered for credit may change to audit status any time during the first 4 week of the semester
    • A student who begins a semester auditing a course may change to credit-bearing status ONLY during the 1st week of the semester
      Special Notes: Courses audited are NOT included in determining total credits earned toward a major, total credits earned toward a degree, or in the calculation of the cumulative grade point average. However, credit value of any audited course is calculated in the assessment of tuition.
  2. ART 372 - Open Studio
  3. BIOL 372 - Biological Research
  4. CSCI 372 - Individual Senior Research
  5. ILP - Independent Learning Project
  6. Internship Registration - Form with instructions on the Internship Office website
  7. GBUS - Practicum (GBUS 394)
  8. GBUS - Summer Practicum (GBUS 394A)
  9. NMCP 372 - Individual Senior Research
  10. Nursing Internship for Summer
  11. Petition to enroll in Graduate Level Theology Course
  12. PSYC 200-300 - Empirical Research Project
  13. THEA 395 - Senior Project
  14. Tri-College application - for additional information see the Course Catalog

General Forms

  1. Address change (change to permanent home address or 2nd parent address) - current students only
  2. Address change (living off campus for the semester) - current students only
  3. FERPA Disclosure Form
  4. Second Parent Disclosure Form (adding a new 2nd parent address)
  5. Summer/Transfer Course Review Request - online form designed so the Registrar's Office can provide feedback on whether a specific course would qualify to transfer back to CSB/SJU towards a degree
  6. Request for verification of enrollment