Integrative Science Major

Unique to our major is the chance for students to integrate their multiple scientific interests at various integration points: one at the sophomore year, junior year, and senior year by participation in the capstone.

Integration Points

Interdisciplinary courses held during the sophomore, junior, and senior year; student learning outcomes for the major are assessed. These include competencies in Literacy (quantitative and qualitative), Communication, Inquiry, and Integration.

Learning Outcomes scaffolded throughout the major:

  • Literacy
    Students will identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively and responsibly use quantitative and conceptual information to share scientifically related information.
  • Communication
    Students will use oral and written communication to purposefully and effectively convey scientific information.
  • Inquiry
    Students will effectively use the scientific process to evaluate methodology and original data to synthesize a conclusion based on this evaluation and in the context of disciplinary theories and the scholarly literature.
  • Integration
    Students will effectively synthesize concepts, scientific processes, and/or theories from at least two scientific disciplines to help understand and/or solve a scientific question or problem.